Chapter 16

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Cover to the right is made by 1Dswaggybieber  :) 


Amanda’s POV~

That name.


My eyes widened in fear. I-it can’t be. Neal—he’s one of them—the people who made my childhood a living hell. He has to be; otherwise, why would he be mumbling, “Sorry Mandy”? No one knew that name—well, besides Danny, but he seems clueless to my past and hasn't called me that since we've met.

"I-I didn't mean to Mandy... forgive me," Neal whimpered out once again. Tossing and turning, his arms reached out, trying to grasp something or someone. He stopped a second later, when all he could touch was empty air.

"I'm sorry I couldn't—" His sentence was cut short, and his words stirred. A few sounds escaped his mouth as he rolled over. Half of his body was on the floor, while his upper half was slumped against the theater seat.

Not wanting Sweets to get crushed, I lifted her gently off of him, setting her down a row away from him. Looking back at his sleeping face, I shut my eyes, trying to concentrate.

Dark brown hair and green eyes.

As I tried to picture their faces again, their voices came back with them. I can still remember the little chant they sung back at break time.

Ugly Mandy, ugly Mandy, ugly Mandy.

My eyes zeroed in and my body froze. The memories.

Ugly Mandy, ugly Mandy, ugly Mandy.

Squinting my eyes shut, I covered my ears, trying to get rid of the voices.

Ugly Mandy, ugly Mandy, ugly Mandy.

It wasn't disappearing. Their voices, faces, laughs, giggles; it's all coming back. Hearing a loud rumbling, I realized my hands were shaking so badly, they were vibrating against my head. Why is this still affecting me so much? It's been years!

"A-amanda?" His voice sounded shocked, scared, and most of all, worried. "What's wrong? Why are you on the floor?"

Floor? Since when was I on the floor?

I snapped my eyes open; bright green eyes stared back at me. They were pure and full of solicitude.

"Amanda, what's wrong?" he asked, reaching his arm out.

I ducked my head by reflex, flinching in the process.

Peeking through my brown locks, I didn't miss the hurt flashing through his eyes at my movement.

He sighed, dropping his hand. "Are you still mad that I walked out before?" he asked, looking at me.

When I didn't answer, he continued on. "Alright... I guess you are." He bit his lower lip, getting anxious at the lack of words and eye contact from me. If he's who I think he is, I don't want to talk to him.

"I'm sorry!" he whined suddenly, throwing his hands up in defeat. "Please, forgive me Amanda!" he cried, getting on his knees, adding the puppy dog face for extra effect.

My face remained neutral and I finally stood up. It's not that you should be apologizing for...

When I didn't say anything, he got rid of the puppy dog face and got back up on his feet as well.

He took a step forward.

I took a step back.

We repeated this motion until I was backed up against the wall with Neal in front of me. The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile as he trapped me.

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