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Amanda’s POV~


A month ago, I was kidnapped, chained and lied to by Neal, causing me to miss my favorite band of all time. To this day I still haven’t forgiven him for that. After he was taken away by the cops, he was sentenced to two years of prison with a Class E felony in the second degree. He was damn lucky he wasn’t sentenced up to twenty-five years of prison or life in jail. If it wasn’t for his clean track record, and the fact that I wasn’t injured, he would have gotten a longer time sentence.


After everything was settled down with the whole Neal issue, Danny and Sierra went back to his hometown to deal with his dad and step-brother. Danny texted us the good news after a week or so, that both his dad and step-brother was found guilty of domestic violence and was sentenced up to life in prison. But apparently Danny’s step-mom was also charged a fine for not reporting the abuse as soon as she found out about it. Once that was done and over with, Sierra told me she’d done a little research and found out that Danny’s dad and step-brother was a big fat joke. They never had anyone backing them up. It was all a lie to brainwash Danny, so they could continue hurting him. Luckily Sierra knew for a fact that there was no way they had anyone behind them that could hurt Jeyleen, his mom or his step-mom, and Danny finally started relaxing and believed her when they both confessed to it.


Now they are happily back together, and officially a couple. And when Jeyleen heard all of this, she all but had a fit when she heard that it was her dad hurting her brother. After sedating his twin, Danny told her he was back together with Sierra. Her exact words were, “thank gosh! Now I don’t have to hear you whining about liking Amanda again!”


To say I was flabbergasted, was an understatement. I was pretty much just standing there, with my jaw literally on the ground as Danny blushed bright red in embarrassment, as he yelled at his twin for exposing his past secret.


It was a little bit awkward at first, considering he was just a good friend, but everything went back to normal when Jeyleen switched the topic to her and Jason. She told us that Jason and her spent their winter break mostly together, and that he finally popped the question on January 26th: the day before college started back up. Now, they’re a couple too, and I couldn’t be more delighted that Jason was dating Jeyleen.


And when she found out that John and I got together over the break as well, she was overjoyed. That was when she confessed to me that she’s finally happy John moved on, and that he’s not the stupid playboy he was when they had a ‘thing’ together during freshman year. Even though I just found out that they did indeed had something together, I knew in my heart all along that they did. Sure, I was a bit jealous at first—okay try a lot—but she assured me that I was the girl for him, and that it was me that turned him into a love-sick puppy, because he loves me.


But of course, the most shocking thing that happened was when Zuri confessed to Neal that she liked him. Neal, turned her down as soon as the words left her mouth. She was a bit down at first, but she never gave up hope. Every day at exactly noon, she would go and visit him for an hour. From what I heard, Neal doesn’t hold a conversation with her, but I think he’s starting to warm up to her.

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