Chapter 3

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John's POV~

Amanda stared at me, her light brown eyes filled with... pain? She blinked, trying to cover it up, but it was too late; I saw it—the sadness pooling in her eyes.

I stood there frozen, rooted to the ground as my gaze met hers. Why did she look so sad? My eyes then landed on Danny. Did he do something? I shook my head. No, he couldn't have. Danny couldn't even hurt a fly, let alone a girl he just met.

Then I saw Jeyleen hiding behind Danny. I smiled, knowing it wasn't her fault either; she's too sweet.

"Well?" the girl that stole my shirt cried. Speaking of that shirt, I should probably burn that later on. I don't want to be reminded of her every time I wear that shirt; well that is, if I ever get it back. "Aren't you all going to leave!?"

I rolled my eyes. Like they're going to listen to her. She's just wasting her breath.

"Sorry," Amanda spoke. My head shot in her direction and my eyes widened in surprise. What did she say? "I'll leave."

Blondie smiled in triumph. "That's what I thought."

Amanda apologized to someone like her? But Amanda would never do that. The Amanda I knew would have probably punched the crap out of her; no one talked to her like that.

She turned to Danny, whispered something to him, and left. I watched as she disappeared around the corner, probably heading to her own dorm room.

"Aren't you two leaving as well?"

Danny raised his eyebrows at her. "This is my room."

"It's not her room." The blonde's eyes landed on Jeyleen, giving her an icy glare. Why that little—

"She's my sister, so technically it's her room as well. Plus, it's not like you live here. You're just John's 'playmate' for the day."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. She whipped around and gave me her cold stare. "Why are you laughing? Shouldn't you be defending me? He just insulted me!"

I gave her a 'what the hell' look. "Why? He's just stating the truth."

"So I'm just your playmate?" she screeched at me, her voice a little too pitchy for my liking.

"Well yeah," I told her bluntly.

"Y-you jerk!" She slapped me across the face before she rushed past Danny, pushing Jeyleen out of the way in anger as she ran away crying. I rubbed my face, getting rid of the stinging sensation. What a drama queen. Next time, no blondes.

My eyes softened as I saw Jeyleen trying to balance herself from the impact. "Are you alright?" I asked, placing my hands on her shoulder.

She looked up at me, considering she's only five foot five. "I'm fine. No biggie." She gave me her lovely smile. "She's wasn't that strong." I chuckled at that.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Danny asked as he scanned her arm for any sign of injury.

"Danny, she's fine." Sometimes he's too overprotective of her. I remember when I first met him, he punched me in the face for staring at her ass. Then again, I shouldn't be one to talk. If some dude was looking at my sister's ass, I would probably punch the living shit out of them.

"John's right, so stop worrying."

He sighed but nodded.

"So... what did Amanda tell you before she left?" I asked to switch the topic quickly, hoping to get Danny's mind away from his sister.

Danny smirked, looking completely different. "Why? You jealous?"

"What? No!" I denied quickly. "I just want to know what she said!" Me? Jealous? Yeah right. I don't get jealous.

"Calm down." He laughed. "I was only joking with you."

I rolled my eyes at his 'joke'. "Whatever, just tell me what she said."

"Nothing much." He shrugged his shoulders. "Just 'see you later'."

I looked to Jeyleen for the truth, knowing she would never lie to me. "That true?"

She lowered her head in a nod. "Pretty much, but she did give us her number."

"Her number?" Reaching behind me, I took out my cell from my back pocket. Sliding it open, I scrolled through my contacts before I found Amanda's name. I opened the contact details and showed the screen to them. "That her number?"

They glanced at it and shook their heads simultaneously. "Looks like she changed it," Jeyleen said, leaning back.

"Okay, what's her new number?" I clicked on 'edit' as I waited for them to tell me her new number so I could save it.

"Ask Amanda."

My head shot up in confusion, looking at Danny. "Why can't you just tell me?"

"It's not my number to give out."

"Come on, just give it to me. It's not like I'm a stranger to her. I'm practically her brother!"

"Then you should have no problem asking her yourself."

I clenched my fist around my phone, trying to control my anger. Sometimes Danny could be so stubborn. Knowing he wasn't going to give in soon, I made my way down the hall.

"Where are you going John?" Jeyleen's voice echoed down the empty hallway.

I stopped. "To see Amanda."

"In that?"

In what? Looking down, I realized I still wasn't wearing a shirt. "Oh."

She giggled. "Go get a shirt John."


Turning back around, I headed into my dorm room. I went towards my closet and grabbed a random blue t-shirt, slipping it on.

Before I could take one step past the twins, Jeyleen stopped me once again.

"What?" Please don't tell me I put the shirt on backwards or something? I looked down and blew out a sigh of relief when I saw it was on right.

"Do you even know where her dorm is?"

Shoot, I don't. "No." But she's a freshman, so her dorm should be across the campus where all the freshman dorms were located.

"Well lucky for you, she just texted Danny."

I motioned for her to go on.

"She said she's at her dorm."


"She's at room number 254A."

I smiled, finally getting the information I needed. "Thanks." I waved. "See you guys later."

I didn't even take another step forward before Jeyleen stopped me again for the third time today.


"Are you going to Asher's party later tonight?"

"Of course. It's not a party if I'm not there, right?"

She laughed. "Right..." She dragged the word out sarcastically. "Don't forget to invite Amanda to the party!"

I raised my eyebrows at her. "You like Amanda already?" Strange... It usually take days or even weeks before Jeyleen got used to someone new.

"There's just something about her that I like. She's trustworthy."

"I agree." She earned my trust when she saved my little sister from the bullies back in middle school. I owe her a lot for that. "She is."

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