Chapter 35

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Amanda’s POV~

After getting that text message yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel like shit. If Nick was telling the truth, I have no doubt in my mind that he would hurt Neal just like he said he would. And you know what’s the worse part in all of this? I couldn’t do anything to stop him! I don’t even know where he is! But he has to be close in order for him to hear us talking, right? Otherwise, how would he even know I told them?

Letting out a frustrated groan, I grabbed a fist-full of my hair, shutting my eyes in thought. Why is he even doing this? I don’t get it! I get why he wants to mess with me, but why Neal? Why hurt him? He didn’t do anything! He’s purely innocent. 

Clutching the sheets beneath me, I bit my lips hard, glaring daggers at the blank screen. Just you wait, Nick. Once I find you, I’ll be happy to tear your eyes out, rip your limbs piece by piece until—

“Amanda,” Izzy mumbled tiredly, the sleep still evident in her voice. “What’s wrong? It looks like you’re about ready to slaughter that phone of yours.”

I blinked rapidly, turning my attention towards her. She was sitting up on her make-shift bed, running her fingers through her dark locks, pulling it back afterwards into a high ponytail.

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” By the look on her face, I knew she didn’t believe me for one second. But she also didn’t say anything, wanting to give me time to become temperate. 

Once my breathing was back to normal, I finally decided to pick up my phone, hoping to see a new text message from Nick. When I didn’t see anything, I threw my phone across the room in anger, probably ruining my chances of not getting an interrogation from Izzy. That douchebag! I can’t believe he didn’t even have the decency to text back, after sending that fuck-up message yesterday.

“Um . . . Amanda?” Izzy asked softly and slowly, probably afraid what I would do next. “I’m not an expert in psychology, but I don’t think throwing your phone against the wall classifies you as ‘fine’.” She ended her sentence with a soft chuckle, hoping to lighten up the mood in the room a bit.

Shutting my eyes, I tried relaxing again, taking deep breathes and exhaling them soon after.

“I know,” I spoke up, feeling placid. “It’s just that Nick—”

She eyed my phone warily. “Did he?” 

I shook my head, not wanting to petrify her again. “He didn’t. But Izzy,” I cried suddenly, “what if he actually does hurt Neal? I would never forgive myself if that happens!” 

“Am,” Izzy whispered, climbing into the bed next to me. “Look at me.” She twisted my body around, as she faced me, sitting crossed-leg on the bed; her face benign. 

“Danny is on it. And John already reported it to the police last night. They’ll going to find him soon,” she assured me, sounding so confident in her words. 

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