Chapter 11

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"We're in Bora Bora, bitches!" Luke shouted. We all cheered. "So here's the room list. Mom and Dad are in room 1. Hunter and Melissa are in room 2. Harrison and Theo will bounce between those two rooms. Jackson, Brady, and Elly will be in room three. I'm in room four and Jack is in room five. Y/N and Florence are in room six. And Ariana and Dalton are in room seven. Any questions?"

"Why do we have to have the kids?" Hunter whined.

"Because you're one of the only parents. Next." Luke said.

"Why am I at the end?" I asked.

"Because you put me in the room with no elevator for your birthday." Luke said. I laughed.

"True." I said. I grabbed me and Florence's bags while she jumped on my back. We walked to our room and put our stuff down.

"Ooh looks like they gave us a king bed." She said in her thick British accent.

"You know what that means." I said.

"Wrestling!" We both said. I tackled her on the bed, and she laughed. She flipped me over and started play hitting on me.

"Hey! You two are gonna be late for lunch." Ariana interrupted loudly.

"We're coming. We're coming." I said. I grabbed Florence's hand, and we went to the table. We had a private chef preparing everything.

"Who doing shots with me?" Luke asked.

"You know I am!" Jack said.

"Me three." I said.

"Count me in." Jackson said. Brady nodded.

Twelve shots were brought to the table. Me, Luke, Jack, Elly, Mom, Dad, Jackson, Brady, Hunter, Melissa, Ariana and Dalton all got our glasses and took our shots. Dalton coughed profusely.

"Bro, are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He told me. I nodded.

"Can we have just like three bottles of tequila?" Luke asked the waiter.

"It's fucking one in the afternoon." Ariana laughed.

"You don't wanna be drunk for the beach?" He asked.

"True." She said. I grabbed a bottle and started drinking it straight out the bottle. Mom snatched it from me.

"Were you raised on a farm?" She asked.

"No, it was a trailer." I smiled. I poured a shot and took one.

"Me, Jack, and Y/N always get the drunkest for birthdays." Luke told Ariana and Dalton. They nodded.

"Well maybe I'll join." Ariana said.

"Yeah me too." Dalton said.

"You just almost died from a shot. How you gone get drunk?" I laughed.

"I can do it." He said defensively. He grabbed a bottle of tequila and started drinking it like I did. Everyone cheered. He immediately started coughing when he finished.

"Okay." I said. I finished my food quickly and raced to my room to put my swim trunks on. I was stumbling all over the place.

"Y/N, just let me help you." Florence giggled.

"No, you're drunk! And you'll see my dick!" I said.

"Not like I've never seen it. Come on." She said. I finally got them on and flipped her off. I took my shirt off and looked at her. She was wearing a yellow bikini. We ran out to the beach, and I tackled her into the sand.

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