Chapter 34

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"Can I take this fucking blindfold off now?" I asked.

"Let us get you out the car first, damn." Brady said.

They took me out the car.

"Take the blindfold off." Jackson said.

I took the blindfold off to reveal a strip club. A nude strip club.

"What the hell?" I asked.

"You're about to be tied down with a baby. And probably a wife. We need to have as much fun as possible. So let's see some titties!" Jackson said.

"Lets see some titties!" I said.

We walked to the line and skipped to the front.

"You know who this is? One of the Ledgers. Y/N Ledger to be specific. Billionaire." Brady said.

"And do you know who this is? Brady Gault. Starting tight end for the Rams. He just got a 70 million dollar contract extension." I said.

"I'm Jackson Lindquist. World renowned chef. Actually just opened my ninth restaurant about a month ago." Jackson smiled.

"I know who two thirds of you are. Go in." The bouncer said.

"Preesh." I said.

I walked inside and was met with the smell of weed, alcohol, and sweat.

"I need to get a lap dance asap!" Jackson said running off.

"Me too fuck it." Brady said.

"I'm telling Courtney!" I shouted to Jackson. He just flipped me off.

I just stood in my spot and looked around. 

"Are you lost?" I heard someone say.

I turned around to a lightskin girl in purple lingerie.

"I am lost, but I'm taken. Well I'm not actually taken, but in my mind I am." I said.

"I'm Diamond." She said sticking out her hand.

"Y/N." I said shaking her hand.

"So ima ask one more time. Are you lost?" She asked.

"Yeah. I've never been here before." I said.

"Just stay.


I walked in to the house and heard music coming from the studio. I walked in and saw Ariana singing with some girl.

"Ooh Ari, who is this?" She asked with a British accent.

"I'm Y/N Ledger. You are?" I asked.

"I found one you don't know?" Ariana asked surprise.

"Sorry I don't know a lot of Brits." I said.

"I'm Dua Lipa." The girl said.

"Dope name." I said.

"Thank you, Y/N Ledger. You have a nice name as well." She said.

"What y'all working on?" I asked.

"We're already finished, so we don't need your lyrical expertise." Ariana laughed.

"I just wanted to hear!" I said.

"She can hear." Dua said.

"Fine." Ariana said playing the song. "It's called Pretty Please."

It was a pretty good song.

"I like it." I said.

I heard the door to the house open and then lots of noise.

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