Chapter 26

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"I have to pee." I whined. Everly smacked the back of my head, and I fell out of my chair.

"Get your ass back up here. Neow!" She threatened. I got up slowly and sat back down.

"I'm finna piss on this desk. Then what are you gonna do? Be fucking mad? I asked to pee already." I said.

"You get on my nerves. You know that?" She said.

"You get on mine. I just need to pee." I said.

"You chose to drink a big ass Pepsi before work." She told me.

"Yeah and I'm about to choose to pee all over you. So there's that." I said.

"Fine, Y/N. Thirty seconds!" She said. I got up and ran out of the office.

"Out of the way!" I shouted as I ran.

"Thirty seconds!" Everly shouted. I turned around and flipped her off. I immediately bumped into someone and caught them.

"My bad!" I said before putting them on their feet and running to the bathroom. I let out the longest piss of all time. I washed my hands when I was done and walked back out. I went to the office and sat down.

"That was damn near a minute." Everly said.

"I can't teleport, bitch!" I said. She rolled her eyes and went to get the next person.

"This is Dallas Goode. She's from Decatur, Georgia. She attended Spelman University with a full ride scholarship before attending Harvard for her masters in mathematics." Everly said before sitting down. She was a tall darkskin woman with brown eyes. She wore a black pantsuit with heels and she had her hair straightened.

"You look familiar." I said standing up to shake her hand.

"Maybe because you body slammed me on the way to the bathroom." She said shaking my hand.

"That's fucked up, my bad." I laughed. I sat back down.

"Are you fresh out of Harvard?" Everly asked.

"Yes ma'am." Dallas answered.

"Why'd you choose our company?" I asked.

"Well to be honest I've always wanted to be an actuary, but I also love your brothers and sister." She said.

"You know I'm the cooler sibling, right?" I asked.

"If you say so." She said.

"Hey...I build neighborhoods." I said.

"Now why do you think we should hire you?" Everly asked.

"Yeah cause you're walking on thin ice, pal." I said. Everly hit me.

"I know that I'm more than qualified for the position. I worked at several places big companies while receiving my masters, so I think I could handle this job and bring a lot more ideas from the actuarial science perspective." Dallas said.

"Okay well who's your favorite Glee character?" I asked.

"Rachel." She said.

"See? I'm not fucking with you cause you really an opp. Who the fuck likes Rachel?" I said.

"Don't listen to her because I'm the one that really hires you." Everly said.

"Good because I'd hate to be hired by a glorified construction worker." Dallas said. I looked up from my phone.

"Sorry I was just googling what the fuck an actuary was. Weird ass job. Y'all just be typing in numbers and shit. I build shit." I said.

"See? This is why we don't let Y/N hire anyone." Everly smiled.

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