Chapter 17

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"You cannot make me stay past eight. You actually can't because I'm your boss. So what now?" I asked Everly. I had my book bag on my back, and I was standing over her desk.

"I can make you stay. You are not my boss. I am basically your babysitter. I was hired by your father. Now you know you're leaving for the weekend, so you need to finish the sketch for the model house on neighborhood C." She told me.

"Ask me if I'm gonna do it. Ask me right now." I said.

"I'm not gonna ask you." She said.

"Ask me right now. Ask me. Ask me if I'm gonna do it." I told her.

"I'm gonna fucking murder you." Everly warned.

"See you on Monday, sweet girl." I said.

"I'm deducting your pay." She said.

"Deduct whatever you want." I said getting on the elevator. I went down to the garage and got in my car.


"You are actually hollering. Does it take all that to play a video game, Y/N?" Ariana said coming in my game room.

"Oh shit. My bad, Ari." I said.

"Girlfriend got you apologizing. I'm finna call Kiana." Jack said laughing.

"Fuck you, Jack." I said.

"Yeah, act all tough for Ariana." Jackson said.

"Both y'all some bitches." I said.

"Who are you talking to?" Ariana asked.

"Jack, Jackson, and Brady." I told her. Ariana walked over to me to me.

"Hi, boys." She said.

"Wassup, sexy!" Brady shouted.

"She can't hear you. And watch your mouth." I said.

"She's jealous! I'm telling Kiana for real." Jack said.

"Fuck you. I'm getting off though. I have to be well rested for tomorrow night." I said. I got off and turned the TV off.

"What's tomorrow? And why do you only have a recliner in here?" Ariana asked.

"Maybe because I'm supposed to be the only one who lives here." I said. "And we're having our annual, uh, party tomorrow."

"Annual party?" She asked.

"Yep." I said getting out of the chair. She stopped me before I could walk out.

"What type of party?" She asked.

"The type of party you can't go to." I said.

"And why's that?" She asked.

"So it's a very long story. But basically we throw this sex party on the anniversary of the day Brad lost his virginity so yeah. You can't go." I said.

"Is Kiana going?" Ariana asked.

"No, because if she knew I was going she'd kick my ass." I said.

"Then I'll go to watch you and make sure you don't fuck anyone there. For Kiana." She said.

"I don't know if I trust that." I told her.

"I'm serious. I will." She said. I shrugged.

"Alright, but that means you can't get drunk." I said.

"Agreed." Ariana said. "All I want in return is a movie day on Saturday."

"Alright, I got you." I told her

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