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The little shit my father has hired to follow me everywhere is very damn annoying, she doesn't listen to me. She talks back and she ignores me like what the heck is wrong with her, I mean yes she's hot and tall and good looking but doesn't mean she has the right to talk back to her boss.

"For the nth time Maze stop looking at me" her annoying voice was giving me a headache, my dad has giving her a bmw to drive me to college everyday.

"I wasn't looking at you" I rolled my eyes, when she parked I sat still in my seat and just waited for her to open my door like all the other bodyguards used to.

"Eh? Why aren't you moving?" She asked me confused, I groaned annoyed and just opened it myself. She not just dumb, she's also useless.

"Was that hard to do?" She asked sarcastically as she followed me inside campus.

"You wanna know what's even harder, me holding myself from poking your eyes with my heel" I whispered between gritted teeth,

"Out of the way!" I walked faster as the students started to give me way to pass, this nerd looking dude was standing in the middle of my way picking up his papers from the ground and I just stepped on his papers and his hand. That's what he gets for standing in my way.

"What the fuck was that?" I heard Dawn say, she kneeled in front of the guy and helped him, I rolled my eyes and kept on going. I heard footsteps getting closer and I knew it was her.

"That was uncalled for you know" she stated, she was getting on my nerves so I decided to ignore her. I went straight to class to find my bestfriend Amelia sitting in our usual seats, when she saw me her eyes widened. Yes it was very rare of me to come to class early. I plumped in the seat next to her and throw my bag on the floor.

"Well damn who the hell spat in your coffee this morning?" Her eyes drifted to Dawn who was going to stand in the back of the room.

"And who's that snack you brought with you?" She bit her lip waving her fingers at Dawn who didn't react she gave both of us a bored look.

"Oh lord, look at those muscles" I heard Amelia say, I turned my head and Dawn has taken off her Jacket and she was only in her white shirt with those straps around her shoulders to hold her gun. Her muscles were flexing as she folded her arms in front of her, now that I got a good look at her body I can tell she was pretty fit. You wouldn't mind being under that wouldn't you.No what the fuck!

"Ms. Black how nice of you to join us today!" The professor said, I just rolled my eyes and put my head down to sleep. By the end of class I was already feeling better with the nap I took, of course until I heard her voice again.

"Ugh can you leave me alone for one second I'm literally trying to pee" I said, yes she followed me to the bathroom and she's waiting for me in front of the stall.

"Well I can't see what your doing so can you just pee already" she sounded so annoyed,

"I can't pee with someone here. Wait for me outside!" I yelled, a few seconds later I heard her sighed and leave. Fucking finally, I opened the stall door and went to the bathroom window. It was big enough for me to fit in and sneak out. I took off my heels and put them in my bag, I threw my bag out and I heard Amelia's voice which means she caught it or it hit her in the head. I pulled myself up and easily got out of the window landing on the grass, I found Amelia waiting for me with her hand on her head. Yep it landed on her.

"It's her first day Maze do you really wanna do this?" She asked as I walked to her car, before I can open the door I felt a hand grab my arm and my heart sunk thinking I got caught. But luckily, it was just my boyfriend, Ivan.

"Hey babe!" He said, I gave him a fake smile that he always thinks is real and kissed him. I was just using him for my advantage, you know the player has been tamed by me and his dad is also a friend of my dad so yeah.

"I've missed you, you wanna come over later?" He smirked feeling up my sides, he can be very annoying and pushy sometimes but I'm the boss here of course he listens to me. I patted his cheek and kissed him again, maybe I should just go to his house and stay there, away from my annoying bodyguard.

"Sure babe" I said, we heard someone clear their throat and Amelia was staring behind us with her eyes wide. I gave her a confused look and looked at where she was staring.

A very angry Dawn was walking, no stomping, our way. Well there goes my freedom for the day, she grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Ivan.

"Hey! Don't touch her!" Ivan's first reaction was to push Dawn which was a big mistake, because she grabbed his wrist and twisted it until we heard a crack. Ivan screamed in pain and I yanked my arm away from her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I went to his side and looked at his wrist it was starting to swell but she didn't care, she just stared at him with a cold look.

"Who's this crazy bitch" he squeaked out, she was about to step forward towards him when I stopped her. Her eyes went from dark to their normal color as she stared between me and him.

"Car. Now" she ordered, without realizing my legs were following her to the car. It was until she opened my door and I sat on the passenger seat that I realized what I was doing.

"I didn't come to the car because you told me to, I came here because I wanted to" I said folding my arms in front of me. She smirked and leaned towards me, her face was very close to mine and that made my brain stop,heart swell and my pussy throb. My breathing stopped and the only things I was looking at were her lips. Her cologne hit me in th face like a bus, damn she smelled so nice.

She grabbed the seatbelt and buckled me up, then sat back on her seat like nothing happened. I can tell that my face was red because of the heat I was feeling on my cheeks, but I didn't dare say anything. I just stared out the window and ignore the weird feeling in my stomach.

Goodnight everyone 🙂 (12:56am)

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