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Her hands were teasing me, the way she put my fingers between her lips. The way she looked up at me with her not so innocent eyes. I couldn't take her teasing anymore, I wanted her.

I picked her up and gently pushed her against the bed, her lingerie were long gone by now and her bare core was rubbing my print. The friction and the grinding got faster and harder, and the longer we took the more we wanted.

With no hesitation or second thought of what might happen in the future I slammed inside her with one motion and I felt her arms pull me closer. The sounds of our skins slapping against each other was the only thing heard in her dark room, I felt her walls wrap around me and even if I tried to pull out I couldn't. So I pounded harder inside as I felt my climax building up, her moans were uneven but they were a blissful music to my ear. With one last breath, I felt my load fill her insides followed by her orgasm and her cum all over my crotch.

"Are you okay?" I asked, her eyes were still closed and her breathing was uneven. I leaned forward to her face and put small kisses on her red lips until she opened her eyes and nodded with a smile on her face.

The night started with us feeling on each other's bodies and it ended with Maze cuddled to my chest. I gave her head a kiss and felt myself drift to sleep.


I woke up to an empty bed and different memories filling my head. The way she touched me and the way she made me feel.
I can feel wetness between my legs and I wanted to check, so I slid my hand under the sheet to feel if I was actually wet.

"Are you touching yourself Maze?" A voice said, I knew who it was because Dawn walked out the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her waist. My cheeks started to heat up and I slowly took my hand away.

"I- I wasn't" I stuttered out, I pulled the sheet closer to my chest and just tried not to embarrass myself even more. She walked closer and leaned to my face planting a kiss on my lips.

"Morning" I said,

"Morning, you want to get out of bed your dad will be here in a few minutes" she smiled, oh my god I completely forgotten about that. I ran out of bed and jumped in the shower, I had to get ready since today we were going to check the hotel where the gala will be held and of course I had to dress fancy.

I walked out of my room to be met with Dawn in her suit looking handsome, her hair was slicked back, it looked hot but I preferred when it was messy.

She smiled at me and I smiled back, I grabbed on her hand as she helped me down the stairs so I won't trip and fall on my face.

"Good morning Dad" I walked to my father who was sitting on the living room couch talking to Max, they were both ready.

"Ah Maze sweetie, what took you so long?" He got up and hugged me, he's been on business trips since Dawn got this job and it was annoying because he didn't spend time with me anymore.

"I was very tired and I overslept" I mean it wasn't a lie,

"I hope Dawn was doing a good job taking care of you" he said looking at Dawn,

"Oh don't worry, she's been taking really good care of me" I side eyed her knowing very well she understood what I meant. She cleared her throat and smiled at my father.

"Shall we" Max purposely bumped into Dawn who was about to follow him and beat his ass but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the car.

"You look stunning" she whispered, I smirked and leaned to her ear.

"You should see what's under" I whispered, her eyes widened and she turned her head around to see if anyone heard it but we were alone in her car. Silly.

"Why are we whispering?" She joked, I rolled my eyes and grabbed her hand and put it on my thigh, she tried to take it off but I grabbed it again and put it back on my thigh

"But I have to shift gears" she explained,

"You can do it with the other hand" I said smiling,

At the hotel, my father and I checked the ball room and made sure everything will be perfect like always. This year the theme was A masquerade ball, it's an event in which the guest have to attend wearing a mask.

"Now sir this is one of the biggest hotels and most famous in the city and we'd be honored if someone of your status would to hold such an immense event such as the gala" the assistant said to my father, after checking everything, I noticed Martin walking my way. What is he doing here, he's on the finance department of the company not this. I didn't pay my overthinking no mind and just greeted him while Dawn was glaring at him.

"I think your bodyguard doesn't like me" he joked, I side eyed Dawn again who still hasn't taken her cold eyes off of Martin.

"Well she doesn't really like anyone" I joked back, except me of course. I think...

"Well Maze what do you think of having a coffee with me. You know, as friends" he asked as we walked towards the parking lot. Martin and I didn't retrieve the friendship we had after we broke up, it was very awkward to start with and I thought he was a little bit weird since he'd show up to my house sometimes.

"Sure Martin" I smiled, he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his lips to kiss it but Dawn was quick to interfere of the action.

"No. Touching" she said in a low voice, which I found very hot not gonna lie.

"Possessive much" I smirked, she rolled her eyes and drove away from the hotel. I can't wait for this event to be over already...

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for the very late update, I had school and so many assignments to do (I didn't do because I'm lazy) but school can be a bitch and I didn't even have time to breathe.
Anyways, I know this one was short but more will be coming soon. I hope you enjoy it!

Have a day!!


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