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Lee was helping with my tie as we got ready for the meeting. I just want to get this over with so I can talk to Maze alone. I didn't sleep the whole night thinking of ways to start the conversation.

"All these tattoos and tough looks and you can't even do your tie" Lee joked and I rolled my eyes playfully, she patted my chest and grabbed her iPad.

"So I heard you're in love with Ms black" she started, I sighed and shook my head. She's tried to make me talk to her yesterday but I didn't, more like I couldn't.

"Well you heard right... I'm just worried" I replied, I'm worried she's moved on. She forgot about me, about what we had.

"Worried she's not in love with you?" I nodded as we exited the elevator. I'm not ready for this at all.

Lee and I were sitting around the meeting table waiting for the head of this department, he's five minutes late and I am getting upset by the second.

Just as I was about to tell Lee to call whoever this person and asks them to come here right now or this meeting will be delayed to tomorrow the door opened.

My breath hitched in my throat at the sight of Maze in a feminine business suit, her beautiful curves were perfectly showing hugged by the outfit. My eyes followed her until she sat in front of me.

"My apologies everyone, I had a family emergency to deal with" she apologized, I didn't say anything I just kept looking at her, she seemed troubled, upset maybe? Definitely in a bad mood. I felt a foot step on mine and I turned to glare at Lee, she had a knowing smirk on her stupid face. I sat up and cleared my throat.

"I had to come here from a different continent, so I better get the right answers" I ordered, all the people around the table were staring at me either in fear or intimidation.

"Well Ms Addams, there seemed to be a mole or a traitor as we call him, he seems to know everything about this company the smallest things, like the passwords to all the doors, so we think he's been working here for awhile" one of Maze's workers explained, I nodded and mentioned for Lee to start talking.

"We want all the camera footage sent, I'll be looking through all of them. Anything suspicious going on we get informed first and from now on, everyone uses their IDs to enter the building and I mean everyone." She looked at Maze for a second, Maze was taken back with what Lee said so she decided to tell us what was on her mind.

"Since I own this company as well I'd like to have a say in this" she started not looking at me but more like glaring at Lee.

"Everyone knows who I am, so I don't have to show my ID to anyone. I own this building" she said sassily. I always loved it when she's bossy and I want to get on her nerves just like the old days.

"We also want the main rooms in the building to have a new password. I'll be sending the new one to the head of the department. Ms black. This meeting is over if there's anything new, call my assistant." I said getting up,

"You can't just come out of nowhere and decide how to run this company" I heard a voice yell behind me. I smiled internally.

"Watch me" I finished walking out the door with Lee behind me. 

"That was so mean Dawn..." she whispered with a smirk on her face.

"... I love it"

"Go back to the house, I have to talk to someone real quick" I said standing in the main hall. She nodded her head and patted my shoulder.

Not even a minute later, a fuming Maze walked out of the meeting room. Her face was red and she looked on the verge of blowing up.

Her eyes met mine and she stopped in her track, she rolled her eyes and tried to walk past me but I grabbed her hand and she yanked it causing something sharp to cut my palm.

"Fuck" I whispered holding my bloody hand, I heard her gasp and run towards me.

"I- I'm so sorry... You need to go to the hospital" she said in a panicked voice. I chuckled and gently put my hand on top of hers.

"It's alright Maze, it's not serious" I whispered, we were so close. I can see her pupils dilate the longer we held eye contact. She realized how close her face to mine and she cleared her throat and backed away.

"Let's go clean your cut" she said walking in front of me towards the bathrooms.

She grabbed my hand and guided it under the running water as we saw the colored liquid stain the sink.

"What was that?! A knife?" I joked, she froze and pulled away. I noticed something bright on her finger just to realize that it was a ring.

"Y-you're engaged..."


Oh oh ...

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