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I woke up with a killer headache, I held my head and groaned. Why even happened b- memories filled my head. Dawn...

I ran out of bed to find my dad sitting with a liquor glass in his hand. He noticed me standing in front of him and his eyes widened.

"You knew?!" I yelled, my tears started to fall. He stood up and walked closer to me trying to hug me.

"Dont. Dont touch me dad" I choked on my cries, but he still wrapped his arms around me. All these years I grieved and cried for her death, all the times I went to her grave and cried over her headstone. All the pain that I felt...

"You knew dad... You watched me cry every night after her death and... And you held me and comforted me that she was in a better place. I believed you..." I cried on his chest as he gently rubbed my back.

"How is she even alive?!" I asked, he sighed and asked me to sit down. He explained how Mr Kim is her biological father and he had to take her so she can take over his company since he was very sick and his death was near. I can't believe this, my dad who trusted has been keeping this from me...

"Mr Kim died a couple of months ago so now Dawn is the CEO and our new business partner. Well technically she owns 60% of the company as well as other businesses" he explained, my brain was too tired and so was my heart.

"Tomorrow we have a business meeting, it's about your department, since you're head of that department you need to be there" he explained. So I have to see her again, I have to watch her talk while I sit and cry inside. What about my child, how would I tell her? I can't tell her... No I'm married and my daughter has a good family that loves her.

"I left Zora alone, Ivan has work and I need to check on her" I whispered, I named my kid after her even. Thinking she was dead, my poor little girl...

I opened my penthouse door to find my child sleeping on the couch, the maid smiled at me and nodded walking back to the kitchen. I went next to Zora and picked her up, I kissed her beautiful dark hair. She was going to be three next month.

"Good morning little princess" I whispered as she started to open her eyes, as soon as she saw me she whispered mama and cuddled my chest. I couldn't help but let my tears fall, I didn't know why I was crying. Maybe because I missed Dawn, or maybe that my baby doesn't know her real mom is alive. She's too young for this, her little grey eyes blinked and she gave a smile.

"Your papa is gonna be home soon and he can take you to the park that you love" I said, her little hands touched my wet cheeks and gently pinched them.

I heard keys at the door and I knew Ivan was here from work" I quickly whipped my tears and picked Zora in my arms.

"Hey babe" he said taking off his shoes, he kissed my cheek and kissed Zora's head.

"How's papa's little girl doing" he picked her up and kissed her chubby cheeks. He was a good guy, he's always treated her so good.

"How's your day baby?" He asked sitting on the couch, I smiled and nodded.

"Pretty eventful not gonna lie" I said, he gave me a curious look asking me for more explanation.

"I went to surprise my dad like I told you this morning, and I saw Dawn..." I whispered playing with the ring in my hand.

"Dawn?" He questioned, then it hit him.

"Dawn?!" He said loudly this time, his eyes were wider and he stopped rocking Zora on his lap.

"I thought she was dead"

"Yeah so did I, turns out her dad took her to Korea so she can take over his business and my dad knew about this" I explained more, I leaned on his shoulder and Zora moved to my lap.

"She's our business partner, and I have a meeting with her tomorrow... I don't want to go." I whispered the last part, wrapped his arms around my shoulder and turned the TV on.

"Don't worry baby, the meeting will go smoothly. She's probably here for business and that's it. I mean it's been 3 years and you said you're over her so I don't think anything could go wrong with a meeting" he said with smile, yeah I was definitely over her...

Zora means Sunrise or Dawn in Slavic language.

Ps: Dawn's tattoos in Media


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