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The whole time at dinner, Maze was glaring at me and so was her so called husband. He didn't say anything the whole time, just stared at his plate.

"Hello can I sit on your lap?" Zora asked me cutely, I put my glass of wine on the table and smiled pulling her up to sit on my lap. She sat with her back turned to me, leaning backwards like I was a chair. She grabbed my fork and stabbed a big piece of chicken, I chuckled and took the fork from her and grabbed a knife and cut the chicken into small pieces then handed her the fork. She shook her head no and opened her mouth. I rolled my eyes and fed her as she jumped on my lap happily. This kiddo was so adorable unlike her father dearest who was looking at me like I stole his money.

"So Lee what's your relationship with Dawn" Max asked with a small smirk, I knew this question will pop at some point in this conversation.

"Well, Dawn here has been real depressed back in Korea. Saying she misses her mommy so much... The thing is I don't know which one" she winked at Max and I choked on my chicken. I looked up at Maze who had a bigger smirk than Lee and I cleared my throat.

"You see what I mean" she pointed to my red cheeks. I slapped her hand away from my face and glared at her.

"Well I think it's time for us to go don't you think babe" her husband finally said something tonight only for him to be a party pooper.

"It's so late and Zora is already asleep I don't wanna wake her" Maze said, I looked down and indeed the little kid was sleeping on my lap with her head laid against my chest. Her mom got up and walked towards us, she made sure to lean very close to my face so she can pick her kid.

I followed her with my eyes until she left my sight, her ass looks so fine in that dress, I thought to myself.


I can't believe asked Dawn and Lee to stay over the night saying that Max can land Dawn something to wear and I'll give Lee PJs that she declined saying she sleeps naked. Who the fuck does that?! And on top of that, they get to share a room.

"Mama? Why is Dawn in our house?" Zora asked as I put her to bed. I kissed her forehead and smiled.

"Because she works with me and we're old friends" I said simply, she nodded her head and closed her eyes.

I turned off the lights and left her room making my way back to my room when I saw Lee walk in the guest room or Dawn's old room wearing a lingerie set. I felt a weird feeling in my chest but I chose to ignore it.

I laid next to Ivan who was in deep sleep, I was a tired from work so I was quick to fall asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, thirsty as hell and decided to go to the kitchen to get some water when I heard noises. First I was scared but the closer I got the more I realized the voice was familiar.

"If your mom finds out I'm feeding you sweets at 3 in the morning she'll kill me" I heard Dawn's voice, I peeked my head and saw Zora sitting on the kitchen counter wiggling her feet and her mouth covered in chocolate.

"What are you doing?" I said making the both of them jump. Dawn put her hand on her chest terrified.

"You fu- scared me!" She whispered cutting the swear part because my kid was looking at her and definitely listening, I rolled my eyes at her and grabbed a wet tissue and started to clean Zora's face.

"Hi mama" she said with a smile, I kissed her now clean cheeks and gently picked her up turning to look at Dawn who was still eating candy and chocolate.

"Are you out of your mind Dawn, you're feeding a 3 year old sugar in the middle of the freaking night and you? I thought you worked out?"

"It's my cheat day, and she was here first I just wanted water but look where I'm at" she rolled her eyes at me, I was about to say something but Zora cut me off.

"We were here together, mama" she confessed, Dawn's eyes widened and she glared playfully at Zora. They looked so much alike, obviously because they're mother and daughter...

"Goodnight Zora" Dawn yawned leaving me and my kid in the kitchen. I'm just going to wait for the right time to tell her...

I woke up to find something to eat ended up writing a chapter. It's 4:23 btw.


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