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I had to be more careful, there was a creep very close and he was after Maze and my job is to keep her safe. The only thing that is preventing me from doing my job is her stupid boyfriend, apparently she told him and he wanted to be her 'hero' and stay with her in the house.

"He's weird" I said as Maze changed into her casual clothes, she asked me to take her to a coffee shop for breakfast and of course her boyfriend was coming.

"He's not that bad, I promise. You just had a bad first impression" she explained, I helped her put her coat on I don't know why don't ask, I started doing it and she has gotten used to it.

"Yeah first impressions matter" I rolled my eyes, I opened the main door. It was a rainy day, my favorite, so we had to use an umbrella to get to the car. I opened it and put it over out heads, I felt a figure behind us trying to get under it.

"Eh no" I stood in front of her boyfriend and I guided Maze to the car, she went in the backseat and I opened the driver's door so we can leave. Ivan came running under the rain and quickly opened the backdoor to sit next to Maze. If she didn't ask me to be nice I would've locked the car and left.

"I don't understand why your dad chose her" I heard him whisper, he's starting to get on my nerves but I am working on my anger.

At the coffee shop, I walked closer to Maze as she went to the barista to order her drink and whatever she wants to eat. The girl was busy gawking at me that she didn't see Maze waiting.

"Hey!" Maze yelled and the poor girl jumped in her place, I saw Maze's hands turn white as she squeezed them hard so I didn't the only thing that I had on mind, which obviously I didn't so on purpose because why the hell would I hold her hand. Yes, I held her hand to calm her down and it seemed to work. I leaned to her ear and asked her what she wanted and I'll order it for her.

"Can I please get a blueberry cheesecake and a black coffee?" I asked the barista, she smiled shyly and wrote it down. Maze sat down in one of the tables with Ivan next to her, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she leaned her head on his shoulder. Ew, straights. I stood behind her scanning the surroundings for anything weird or suspicious.

"Dawn" I heard her call for me, I leaned forward next to her ear so she can say what she wanted.

"It's alright, you can sit with us" she said nicely, her new sweet personality was freaking me out but I kind of wanted to see where this goes. I mean we do have a deal after all.

"No ma'am I'm alright like this" I declined, I saw Ivan giving me a dirty look but I decided to ignore him.

"I said, sit" she ordered, this time her eyes changed. They were a darker color, uncontrollably, my feet moved on their own and sat on the chair in front of her.

"Good" she mumbled still glaring at me, who thought I'd let a little girl order me around.

After she had her breakfast, she asked me to take them back to the house because she wasn't feeling alright. I mean she went to bathroom with Ivan for like 10 minutes, I didn't want to follow them because I don't want to see them do the nasty, that's disgusting, then when she came back. Ivan was gone, she told me he left urgently and she wasn't feeling alright. I did suspect they had a fight so I didn't ask questions and took her home.

She looked so tired and distressed, and something in me told me to make sure everything was okay with her. She was about walk upstairs to her room when I grabbed her wrist, she looked up at me but avoided my eyes.

"Are you alright?" I asked worriedly, she didn't seem alright and I wanted to know what happened. She smiled nodding her head and slowly slipped out of my grip, I sighed and just went to the room Mr. Black asked me to stay in.

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