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After I hang up with Maze I decided to go for a run around the neighborhood to clear my head. I was about five minutes away from my house when I heard a loud crash, I followed the screams and found a car upside down. It looked like it was hit. So I decided to go help whoever needed it.

The closer I got to the car, the more I noticed resemblance between it and Maze's car. The moment I saw the license plate I knew it was Maze.

I ran to her and got down on my knees not really caring that glass was cutting me. All what mattered is to get her out before it's too late.

"Maze! Baby! Hold on I'll get you out!" She was staring at me for a second then she stopped blinking, her eyes were looking at my soul. Her pupils dilated fast and she stopped moving.

"No no no, please..." The door was broken and it wasn't hard to pull it away with the help of some guy. I pulled her out of the car and put my head on her chest trying to find a heart beat. Nothing...

"Please" I cried out, I interlocked my fingers and started giving her CPR to try and revive her heart.

"1, 2, 3..." I counted and counted without stopped, I kept on going. I can't lose her, I can't.

"Please Maze..." Nothing, no heartbeat... I didn't realize I've pulled her to my chest and was screaming my lungs out. If I didn't get upset, if I wasn't being a child. If I just listened to her when she wanted to explain. If only I listened...

I cried my eyes out on her lifeless body until I was pulled away by paramedics. I started pushing everyone trying to hold me. I punched one in the face and tried to go to her once more when I felt pain go through my whole body. I was tased.

I fell right next to her feeling every muscle in my body jerk. I extended my arm towards looking directly at her beautiful eyes. They looked cold and dead but she still looked so beautiful...

I woke up breathing heavily, the nasty smell of the hospital giving a weird feeling of throwing up. I looked around and found Mr. Black sitting in a seat in front of my bed with his head in his hands. His eyes were so red. So everything that has happened wasn't just a dream.

"Please tell me she's okay..." I whispered and my voice cracked since I was trying not to break down. He huffed and shook his head no then cried with his hands covering his face.

"S-she's.... She's gone" 

15 years later


"Zora! You're going to be late honey!" I yelled from the kitchen, my daughter was now 18 and in her senior year in highschool. Today was her first day and she asked me to drive her like I did to her first day of kindergarten.

"I'm coming mom!" She ran down the stairs excited, her long black hair dancing on her back.

"Did you forget something?" She laughed and shook her head no.

"I would never forget giving you a good morning kiss mama" she hugged Maze and kissed her cheek.

"Good luck on your first day sweetie!" she yelled as Zora ran out the door, I went and kissed my wife and hugged her.

"I'll see you tonight my love" I whispered slapping her butt.


"S-she's.... She's gone" Mr. Black said, before I can say anything a nurse barfed through the door breathing heavily.

"A miracle has happened! We got a pulse..." He smiled, Mr black and I ran out the door follow the nurse to the ER. We watched through the glass as they took care of her with the heart monitor showing her pulse.

She was okay...

Maze stayed in a coma for more than two weeks, but me and our daughter always came to check on her and change her clothes. We'd tell her about our day and the activities we did. Until one fortunate morning when we walked in her hospital room and she was sitting on the bed smiling at us. Zora jumped out of my arms and ran to her mama jumping in her arms.

"My baby, I missed you so much" Maze whispered kissing our daughter's head. I came closer to her bed, she smiled at me and I leaned to plant a small kiss on her lips.

"How are you feeling my love?" I asked taking a seat on the bed, she laughed and played with Zora's hair.

"Like I've been hit by a truck" she replied,

"Why were you speeding up, Maze. You gave me a fuckin heart attack when I saw you swimming in you own blood." I sighed trying not to remember the horrible scene from that day.

"I- I wanted to get to you before you leave, I wanted to tell you that I'm ready... I'm ready to be with you and our daughter" she whispered with tears sliding down her cheeks. I smiled at her gently caressing her face then kissed her head. I'm just glad she was okay...

*End of flashback*

"I love you..." She whispered before I left.

"I love you more" I yelled before closing the door. Zora was waiting impatiently next to the car, I unlocked it and she quickly jumped inside. I got in the driver's seat and stared driving.

"I'm so excited!" She squealed, I rolled my eyes and kept them on the road. Who the hell is excited to go to school? This kid is so weird but I still love her. When we reached out destination, I got out the car and so did she. She gave me a confused look but I just smiled at her and handed her the keys.

"This is a late birthday gift from me" I said hugging her, she wrapped her arms around me and tightened her grip. She always wanted this car but I was too attached to it that I couldn't just give it to her, but now that I know she's a responsible adult. I decided it was time.

"And don't you dare fucking wreck it Zora..." I threatened in her ear, she pulled back with a scared look and nodded her head slowly.

"Good" I patted her head and watched as she headed inside her school, talking to her friends with a huge smile on her face. She waved at me and I watched her disappear between the crowded place. My baby was now a grown woman and I was so proud of her. I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket and I fished it out of my pocket. I looked at the text from Maze, she sent me a picture of her wearing black lace lingerie, I smirked and started running back home. We had a long day before Zora comes home and I'm going to use every second of it wisely.


I wanted to make you suffer a little before ending this book.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have a great day and I love you!!

(Ps: I edited this chapter so it was much longer than before and less confusing)


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