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We put our masquerade masks on in the car before we reached the hotel. We could see the guests and paparazzi crowded in front of the main door.

The car stopped, Dawn got out and opened my door helping me out. I took her hand in mine and we walked to the entrance, she looked very handsome with her black hair slicked back. She had her hand on my lower back while trying to get me through the crowed paparazzi, she was looking forward making sure we don't trip and all I did was look at her sharp jawline and rosy cheeks that resemble a cupcake. I couldn't help but think, I'm about to fuck this cupcake.

"Maze baby, you're staring" she said while smiling and without looking at me. I cleared my throat and tried to get the sexual thoughts out of my head.

"Sweetie, you're here" my dad kissed my cheek and lead me to one of the tables to have a drink.

"Don't drink too much and stay next to Dawn" he ordered me before leaving to talk to his business friends who were also invited.

"Well hello there" I rolled my eyes so hard my head started to hurt, I turned around and looked at Ivan, my boyfriend who I forgot I had.

"Ivan! Hi!" I gave him the best smile I could manage and hugged him. I looked at Dawn who was clinching her jaw and down her drink.

"Where have you been, I've been calling your phone and you don't answer I got worried" of course you've been calling me, I chose to ignore your calls idiot. I smiled again and nodded.

"Yeah yeah my dad is being very protective I'm not really allowed to do anything" I said taking a sip of my champagne. He wasn't a bad person to be honest I just didn't love him, I just needed someone to fill the emptiness and he was there but now that I have Dawn I need to get rid of him. Somehow.

"Do you wanna dance?" He asked, I had to break it to him but maybe we should enjoy these moments before they end. I took his hand and pulled him to the middle of the dance floor. He was saying some things but I was looking at Dawn, she was glaring at Ivan the whole time. Her knuckles were turning white from how hard she was clenching the whiskey glass. I saw an Asian guy approach her and whisper something in her ear, her face fell and turned pale but she quickly composed herself. She straightened her posture giving me one last glance and followed the guy.

".... Don't you think?" I heard the last words of what Ivan was saying, I honestly have no clue what he was taking about.

"Yeah yeah" I said,

"So you agree that we should move to the next level of our relationship?" He asked excitedly, what? Relationship? I softly pushed myself away from him and gave him a small smile.

"Ivan I don't think thi-" we were interrupted by gun shots.

"Everybody get down!" I heard someone yell behind us, in a blink of an eye I was pulled away from Ivan and I felt an arm wrap around my neck. I didn't know what was happening, everyone was screaming and getting down on the ground.

"You'll finally be mine forever Maze" I heard a familiar voice, I looked up and I saw Martin standing with a rifle in his hand. Everything started to make sense, he was the one behind all of this.

"First of all I would like to thank my dad peace be upon him, and second I wanna say fuck you Dawn Addams. You have ruined my plan by fucking the love of my life..." His arm started to tighten around my neck, making it hard to breathe. Where the hell are you Dawn when I need you.

"Martin, please listen to me..." I struggled to say,

"Shut up!" He interrupted me, I looked around for Dawn, I noticed she was in the far back along with the Asian guy from earlier and a couple more.

"I am now going to go the roof where a helicopter will be waiting for me and if you try to stop me I will kill her" he started backing away until we reached the elevator.

"Are you fuckin insane!" I yelled at him, he let go of me but still had the gun pointed at me. His eyes were dilated and the look they had was different, it screamed psycho.

"I love you, I worship you Maze and I'll do anything to have you. And I mean anything..." He walked closer to me, and started to feel up my sides. The weirdo put his face on my neck and sniffed me hard and released a satisfied breath.

"You smell... Delicious" he whispered, as he was about to touch me lower the elevator opened, and I ran out to the roof but there was nowhere to run I was face to the edge.

"Dead end." He chuckled,

"M-martin we can talk about this, please put the gun down" I noticed Dawn and a couple of my dad's men as well as an old asian guy coming out of a door, I think it was the staircase. She put her finger on her lips asking me to not make it obvious that they were behind him.

"Maze, we'll live happily. I'll give you everything you want, I'll love you to death but in exchange I want your love" he stepped closer going for a hug and I played along.

"Yes Martin, I'll go with you. I'll try to love you" I hugged him back, Dawn was getting closer and I extended my arm for her to grab it.

"But if I can't have you. No one can..." He whispered, I felt him push us backwards. Everything was in slow motion, Martin pushing us off the roof and Dawn running to catch me.

I closed my eyes and heard gun shots and a hand grab my wrist, I looked down to see Martin falling but not before pointing his gun towards me.

I looked up and saw Dawn holding me with one hand while her chest was bleeding but she didn't let go of me. Blood drops hit my face then two other men came running to pull me up from the edge.

I didn't know what was going on, I was pulled by my father and his men trying to take me to safety but all I saw was Dawn falling to her knees then on her back. My eyes were getting blurry with tears but the men were too strong for me to get out of their grip and run to her.

"Please..." I whispered, I wanted to check on her but it was too late.



Ps: Maze's dress in media


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