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Maze took me to the mall so she can help me get a nice suit for the gala. I opened her door while looking around out surroundings for anything suspicious when I saw my brother standing in a corner talking to some guys, he shook one of the boy's hand and they left.

"Maze stay in the car I'll be right back" I whispered, she gave a confused look but nodded. I started to walked towards him when he noticed me, he looked around for an escape but he didn't find none.

"What the fuck are you doing Milo?!" I yelled, I stood in his face breathing heavily. He swallowed hard but didn't flinch, he didn't say anything.

I grabbed him by the collar so he won't move and searched his pockets as he tried to get away from my grip, I grabbed the plastic bag filled with drugs.

"What the hell did I say about this? The money I give you isn't enough? So you go around selling drugs! Are you out of your mind?!" I yelled, he yanked his arm from my grip and pushed me back.

"This is all your fault!" He yelled back,

"How is this my fault, I care about you and  provide for you and mom so you won't have to do dirty work!" He laughed sarcastically with tears in his eyes.

"Really Dawn? You care about me? About mom? Well it doesn't look like it!" I gave him a confused looked,

"Milo what are you saying?" I asked,

"You didn't visit us in long time, you don't visit mom, you don't ask how she is!"

"I have a job Milo!" I argued,

"Yeah a job that kept you from checking on her when she had a heart attack at the hospital, she almost died Dawn and you weren't even there" he explained while crying harder, what is he talking about. Why wasn't I informed about this, why didn't the hospital call.

"What do you mean she had a heart attack?!" I asked panicking,

"Yeah pretend that you don't know, that the hospital didn't call your new phone number" he whipped his tears on his sleeves and sat on the sidewalk.

"I didn't change my number, what the hell are you talking about?!" What is going on? I am so confused.

"The hospital said, that there's a signature under your name with a new number" he said, my eyes widened and felt like everything was falling apart.

"Go to the house right now!"

I ran back to the car where I found Maze waiting with a worried look, she was about to exit the car when I started it.

"Put your seatbelt on" I ordered, she hesitated at first but did as I say.

I was driving so fast, running all the red lights and stop signs. Why would someone sign my name with a different number? Why would someone go to the hospital with my name?

"Dawn, slow down" I heard Maze say, I ignored her and kept pressing on the gas.

"Dawn! Slow down!" She yelled, I didn't listen. With the corner of my eye I can see a truck coming from my left side and I hit the brakes on time, if I didn't we would've been hit and probably dead.

I was breathing heavily with sweat dripping from my face, I looked at Maze who was so pale with her eyes closed holding on the dashboard.

"I- I'm sorry..." I whispered, she finally opened her eyes and looked at me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She yelled, I didn't say anything I just kept my head down.

"Are you trying to kill us!" She was yelling and the truck driver honking while his friend exited the vehicle and was walking towards me with an angry look. He started yelling as well and banged on my window and the loud noises were making me more angry by the second. I exited the car and pushed him away,

"Stop banging on my fucking window!" I yelled,

"You almost killed us you bitch" he said, I stood in his face still breathing heavily with my hands in fists, I was losing it and I knew if I'm not stopped I'll end up killing him.

"Get in your car and leave" I said in a low voice,

"Or wh..." Before he can finish his sentence I punched him right on the nose. He fell to the ground whining while holding his bloody face.

"I warned you..." I whispered ready to punch him again, just as I was about to hit him I was pulled away. Whoever stopped me was going to get it as well, I turned to find Maze looking at me disappointed and scared.

I realized what I was doing and looked at my bloody knuckle, she sighed and pulled me away from the guy, she got in the driver's seat and demanded that I get in the car.

"Look I don't know what that kid said to you, but it doesn't mean you should go all crazy t-"

"My mom almost died Maze, a-and I had no idea. Someone went to the hospital claiming to be me and changed the number where they can call me..." I explained looking at my lap, I was scared and confused and I didn't know how to feel about this.

"I-I'm sorry Dawn" she said softly holding my hand, I told her which hospital to go to and she nodded driving quietly.

When we were in front of the hospital, she held my hand and looked at me.

"It's going to be okay, your mom will be okay Dawn. Don't worry" she kissed my cheek and pulled me inside the building. I hope my mom is okay...


What do you will happen next?


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