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Meanwhile unknown pov

"Sir" One of my guards interrupted my train of thoughts. I looked up and stared at him so he can start talking. He nodded his head and I knew what he meant.


I looked at the unconscious body and leaned closer, I let my hand brush against her forehead and kiss it.

"You'll be fine sweetheart, your father will take care of you" I whispered. My men took her go our personal infirmary.

I was woken up with loud noises. Glass shattering, and loud screams." I sighed because I knew who it was and why they were doing it.

I pushed the door to the infirmary to find Dawn choking the doctor while trying to kick one of my men off of her. Her eyes looked up and met mine, they were filled with anger and hatred.

"You! I told you let me go!" She let go of the doctor and started charging at me, I quickly dodged her punches because she was hurt and angry so she wasn't very accurate with her hits.

"Dawn, calm down" I kept on dodging her around the room as she stalked behind me breaking everything in her path.

"How long is it going to take you to realize I am NEVER going to forgive you, even if you keep me here for another month!" She screamed, alright enough fun. She threw a punch and I caught it, I put my hand between her shoulder and neck and squeezed a specific spot and it made her lose her conscious.

"Clean this and you pick her up and take her to the guest room" I ordered, this is going to take a while.

For the past few months, Dawn has been ignoring me and throwing shit at me whenever I try to walk in her room. She thinks she's stuck in there when she can just open the door. Well she can't leave the house or the city or the country or the continent of Asia because, first of all she'll get lost and second she'll get killed because she already tattooed the gang symbol on her.

"Dawn" I called as she smoked in the balcony, I walked behind her I put my hand on her shoulder. She just ignored me and kept puffing her cigarette.

"The reason why I'm doing all this is because I need you to take my business..." I sighed, still didn't look at me.

"I'm going to die..." She stiffened,

"Yeah so is mom..." She whispered, I patted her back I don't know how to tell her that I need her to take not just the business but the gang as well no one is good enough for this job but her. I've been watching her for a while and she's perfect.

"My men will obey you, you'll be the new leader. You can fix anything, you can have anything and you'll be able to do anything you want" I started,

"I know back at the states you lived in a bad neighborhood. The gangs hated you and so did the police but now with the power you'll have everyone will fear you and respect you, starting with Lucas" I said, that oddly seemed to catch her attention.

"He was an accomplice with Martin, he was the one who made Milo do the drug work. Don't you want revenge? They tried to kill you and your mother" I pushed even further, in a second I saw her fist coming my way but I dodged it in the right moment before it hit my face.

"Shut. The fuck. Up" she said between gritted teeth, I sighed and just shook my head and made my way to the door.

"Mr. Black also thinks you're a perfect match for this job Dawn" before my hand can touch the handle I heard her asked me what I just said so I repeated myself.

"What do you mean?" She asked curiously,

"Well, I sent him to watch over you. It didn't matter how and he did except for the part that you were getting shot at constantly." I explained, her eyes widened and her face started to turn red of anger.

"I hate you, and him and everyone in that family for plotting this shit..." I opened the door for her and she pushed passed me making sure to hit my shoulder, I smiled and nodded.


After three years of daily training and going to business school so I can take Kim's company, I was mentally and emotionally drained. There was no other choice for me but to do what he wants or I'd stay here for even longer, it took him over 6 months to talk me into this and when I finally accepted, he said I had to work out harder and go to school what kind of fucking torture is this. Good thing he was dead... Even though I was starting to feel sorry for him.

I rubbed my tattooed neck, now I have full body tattoos and rougher facial features. I was tired and frustrated with my paper work, it looks like I have to go back to America since our branch there had a traitor and they were giving company secrets and plans to our rivals.

"Lee!" I called for my assistant and the one who's actually has been there for me through these three long years.

"Yes Dawn?" She said walking through the now open door, she's the only one who's allowed to call me by my name.

"Can you book us a flight?" I asked, I gave her more information and she typed them down on her iPad. I guess it's time to see my mother again and maybe....


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