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I walked out of Alexus' house and got in my car

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I walked out of Alexus' house and got in my car.

I'm not in love with her, but I do have feelings for Lexx. She's sweet, beautiful, and chill. Last night didn't make it any better. She got that pussy that'll fuck yo' life up.

I know the risk in fucking with her because of her brother and all that, but I would try for her.

I want her to figure out what she wants before I invest my feelings into her. She needs to get off her ex before she starts something with me.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts, pushed the start button on my car, and pulled out of her driveway. I opened the center console to feel around for a pre-roll, but I came up empty.

"Fuck man," I mumbled to myself.

Once I made it to my house, I went into my closet to get me something to wear today.

I took my shower and did my morning routine stuff. Then I pulled my diamond cleaning kit out of the drawer under my sink.

These teeth permanent, I got to make sure they look good and smell good.

I went to my game room and pulled out my weed, rolling tray, woods. I started breaking the weed down with two fingers. After I stuffed and rolled the blunt, I sparked it.

I turned on the TV and played Martin. This show so damn funny, but it's worse when you loaded as hell.

"Tooka strong as hell today," I laughed and looked at my perfectly rolled wood.

Next Day...

My phone started ringing and I debated on answering because I thought it was Lexx, but I grabbed it anyways and it was Durk.

"Wassup gang," I answered.

"You want to do a pop out tonight? 40,000 backend for each of us and we get 100,000 a piece in total," he asked.

I bit my lip at the sound of the money I was going to make, "What time?"

"We got to show up by 10 and we have to be there for at least a hour. I'll send you the details," he answered.

"Aight gang, imma fuck wit you," I told him. He told me bye and hung up the phone.

Later That Night...

I woke up from a nap and grabbed some clothes to get in the shower. I washed my face, cleaned my teeth, sprayed on some light cologne, and put on some Chapstick.

I got in my car, sparked a blunt, and followed the directions that Durk sent to my phone.

I love to weed, I wanna be weed.

Once I got to the venue, I ashed my blunt, and got out. When I walked up, I seen Durk, Booka, Blay, Lexx and some unknown girl.

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