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1 week later

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1 week later...

"Pregnant?! As in with child," India tilted her head to the side.

"Yes," Alexus responded tears flowing down her cheeks, "I can't go to this, and I don't want to see him tomorrow either."

"Your brother is going to know something is wrong if you don't go to Von's release party. It's Christmas eve too. The gang gone be there, they gone ty to check on you anyways," India tried to reason.

Alexus pulled the cover back over herself, "It's his album not mine. I'm staying in my bed."

"Aight," India smirked.




3 hours later, India and Alexus got out of the car after pulling up to the venue.

"It's nice in here," Alexus told India.

"Yeah, happy you came," India smiled.

"Hell no," she shook her head.

"Girl-,"India grabbed her hand, and led her to the guys once she spotted them.

"Hey," they both spoke and everybody spoke back.

"Y'all seen Von," Kayla asked as she walked up.

"No," they all answered.

"How he gone be late to his own shit," Kayla rolled her eyes.

"He not the only one late for something," India mumbled, so only Lexx heard her.

"Y'all wanna drink," Blay asked.

"I'm good," Alexus and India said at the same time.



"Asian get up. I'm finna nut," Dayvon told Misharron, guiding her hips.

"Nut in me," she said seductively in his ear.

He almost fell for it, before he came back to his senses, "Nah Mymy, get up."

She got up and he came on her thigh.

They cleaned themselves up with the wet wipes in the console before getting out.

Asian Doll straightened her dress and grabbed onto his arm as they walked up to the door. The paparazzi snapped as many good pictures as possible.

They went straight in, Von avoided all questions they threw at him.



India scoffed as she seen Von walk in with Asian, and she tapped Alexus. Kayla spotted her brother also and shook her head.

"What in the hell is this boy doing," Kayla mumbled.

"Wassgood gang," Von greeted, and they all spoke back to him.

"Why you late and who is this," Durk questioned.

"I was handling something, and this my girl, Asian Doll," He answered.

"You have to perform in 45 minutes. They about to do sound check right now," Durk told him. He was in business mode and Von was his artist, so he had to make sure everything was taken care of.

"Miss Banks," a security guard walked up to Alexus, "There's somebody at the door for you."

She walked towards the door and smiled when she saw Scarr. She waved him in, and security let him through.

He took her into a hug as soon as he got to her, and Von stared at them from across the room.

"Thank you so much for coming," she smiled.

"Anything for you Lexxi," he grabbed her hand, and she led them back to the group.

She'd invited him to make her feel more comfortable. He didn't know about everything that happened with Von, but he sensed her unease when he'd called her earlier and she told him about India dragging her to the party.

"Hey," he spoke.

"Some of y'all might know him already, but this is the rapper Big Scarr. He's signed to Gucci Mane's label," Lexx introduced.

"I fuck with your music," Blay told him, passing the blunt to Booka before shaking his hand.

"You dating my sister," Durk asked.

"No, he's just a friend. Chill," Lexx answered for him.

"Yeah aight," Durk and Blay answered at the same time.

"Just sassy," Lexx mumbled, and Scarr laughed.

Von just stood there watching everything go down.

He felt like it was his fault, but then he thought about how he replaced her so fast.

fuck her, she said she hate me anyways.

"Von it's time for you to perform."

This y'all update for today ❤️

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This y'all update for today ❤️. 1/5/23



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