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It was a couple of days after New Year's, and I decided to try telling Dayvon about my pregnancy again

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It was a couple of days after New Year's, and I decided to try telling Dayvon about my pregnancy again.

I was currently at his gate, and I typed in the code, but he changed it because it didn't work. So I pushed the button, and after a few seconds the gate opened.

When I went to the front door it was already cracked open for me, and he was in the living room smoking a blunt and counting some money.

"Can you put that out please," I asked.

"Lil folks you in my house," he laughed. I straight faced him and he just looked at me still not putting it out.

"You didn't come to court yesterday," he looked at me.

"Well you at home so I assume everything went well."

"I got acquitted," he told me.

"That's exciting," I said doing jazz hands unenthusiastically.

"You'll have all your money back tomorrow," he rolled his eyes, "Now what you came over here for?"

"Rude ass," I snatched the stack out of his hand and sat it on the table.

He got up, ashed the blunt, and then put his hand around my neck "Quit fucking playing with me."

"Quit acting like I'm bothering you," I grabbed his arm.

"You are! I told you ass we need to stay away from each other, and you can't get that through you head," he moved his hand and went to sit back on the couch.

I felt hot tears run down my face. Fucking hormones.

"Alexus suck that shit up and tighten up," he told me after he seen me crying.

I ignored him going to sit on his couch on the far end away from him. I pulled the bag out of my purse.

"I'm pregnant," I said straight forward, if I didn't i wasn't going to go through with it.

"Okay," he shrugged.

"Okaayyy," I copied and tossed the bag to him, and he took one of the tests out. He pulled the rest out looking at them, before putting them back in the bag and throwing them back to me.

"Why you telling me this shit," he questioned, stupidly.

"Cause I'm pregnant with your child," I scoffed.

"You sure its not sCaRR child," he said picking up his blunt again.

"I'm positive because I've never had sex with him."

"Yeah okay," he laughed.

"You find something funny?"

"Yeah. I know that you a slut Alexus. Yo ass ain't went long without some sex."

"I went two months without sex while you were in jail, and I haven't had sex since the night you went to jail," I informed him.

"Is that all Alexus," he looked at me.

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