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the next day

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the next day...

Alexus was surprised, to say the least, when everybody that she knew had met her at the airport the next morning.

But no, it was seven am and her flight took off in 30 mins, and they were all ready to send her off. She was flying first class with Dess Dior and Jayda Cheaves, they were also on the flyer and being paid to be there.

"Loyal did me bad this morning," Jayda pouted.

"You know he a mama's boy," I told her smiling and Dess laughed at us.

"Y'all wanna be in each other skin so bad," Dess told her, as she scrolled through pictures of them.

"I miss him so bad," she said locking her phone.

"Girl you just left him," Dess laughed.

"Ya'll will understand when y'all have kids," she rolled her eyes.

"I'm the rich auntie with no kids," Dess said.

"Big dot," I co-signed swiping my hand under my chin.

after the flight...

We all got in the car that was going to take us to the hotel.

"What y'all doing when we get to the hotel," Dess asked.

"Sleep," me and Jayda responded.

We were all sleepy and a little jet lagged because we crossed time zones and we stayed up the whole plane ride playing uno, had three shots each as a pre-game, and talked getting to know each other a little more.

"I could pass out right here," Dess started closing her eyes, but I tapped her.

She pushed a button and the partition rolled down, "How long until we make it."

"ETA is 7 minutes," the driver responded. She thanked him and rolled it back up.

We made it to the hotel and the small security detail we had was going to bring our stuff up. This was courtesy of Durk. I insisted for him not to, but he said he didn't feel safe with me going without them.

The lobby was very nice. Now, I just know my room is going to be top tier.

I lead my guard up to my room and he sat my things down by the door and closed then I locked it.

My first and only order of business was to take off my outside clothes and get under the soft covers.

I was heading to sleep when I thought about something.

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