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3 months later

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3 months later...

"He's already crying, and they haven't even started yet," Lex pouted, looking at her son that'd just turned 3 months old two days ago.

"Let me see him," Dayvon said and scooped the child from his mother's arms. He instantly settled down.

Alexus looked at her son with tears brimming in her eyes refusing to let them fall.

"Are you guys ready," the lady walked over to them and smiled.

Von nodded and sat down with his son and watched as the woman prepped his son's ear.

"1,2, and..." the piercing gun clicked and the baby let out a loud wail.

"Can you turn his head to the other side," the lady said nervously. Both of the parents were giving her death glares. If looks could kill she'd be dead.

Von turned Daylen's head as he resisted, the lady took the moment and pierced the second ear. She cleaned both ears and her station before thanking them and disappearing somewhere into the store.

"Can I take him home with me," Dayvon asked Alexus and she nodded.

Once they got to their cars, he opened the backseat door to his car and strapped his son in the car seat before turned back to Lexx.

"What's wrong mama," he looked at her.

"Nothing," she tried to open her car door, but he grabbed her hand and opened it for her.

"Yes, it is. Since when do you not talk and you've been pouting since before we walked out of there."

They were now on good terms, but still not together. After Alexus six weeks were up, tey decided to do family days every other Sunday. If August was not busy with his mother or with his grandparents, he went also. Alyssa was okay with her son going because he was old enough to talk and tell her if something was going on. She was also friendly with Lexx, so she trusted her.

Dayvon was slowly pulling apart from Misharron since the birth of his son. Alexus didn't know this but she didn't see her come around a lot anymore.

Before she answered his question, she wiped under her eyes, "I don't know why I feel like this. He's so handsome and the light of my life. I feel like I'm not enough for him, I feel like I'm not enough for me. I feel so distant from him. I don't know if I'm being a good mother, it's not like he can tell me."

"Alexus you're great mama. He loves you and I love you. Don't ever feel like you're not enough because you're always enough," he assured.

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