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8 years later

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8 years later...

"Everybody up let's go," Alexus shouted.

Within the span of 8 years Alexus gave birth to twin girls (Aliyah &' Aaliyah), a boy (Dayshaun), twin boys (Dayne &' Daymien), boy (Dayvion), another boy (DayAndre), and their last child a girl (Amariya). They now lived in a 15 bedroom mansion, 17 1/2 baths, a game room, basketball court, 2 living rooms, and a mini kitchen on the second floor.

Once Alexus saw that he wanted to have a lot of kids she told him that he would have to accommodate for it, and he surprised her with the house 2 years later. Built from the ground up.

Over the last 8 years Alexus had given birth six times to 8 children. This was because Dayvon was so obsessed with her bearing his children and making their family grow, so she gave birth back to back. She was holding off on pregnancy or really anymore children at all and she was going two years strong.

"Mama, do I have to babysit tonight or is there going to be a babysitter," August asked.

"Your auntie coming over here, and you going back to your mother's house so you can't baby sit," she told him looking for her keys.

"I don't want to go over there," August said and smacked his lips.

"Tookie, chill out," she pointed a finger at him.

"I feel like I'm old enough to decide where I want to stay," he pressed the issue.

"You know that I love you and that you can be over here at any time, but she is still your mother. And if anything talk to your dad about it August," she told him.

He rolled his eyes walking off to go find his dad. She walked outside to the Cadillac Escalade, where her children were already waiting, and unlocked the doors.

The all piled in and the older ones helped the younger.

"Dayday? Baby you okay ," she asked her 11 year old son, who was deeply invested in his phone.

"Yeah mama," she waved her off.

She stopped at the stop sign and looked over at him, and he looked up at her, "I meant yes ma'am."

She nodded and continued to drive.



later that night...

"Wassup fat mama," Von asked Alexus. She'd barely took two steps into the home studio.

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