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"Hey my baby

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"Hey my baby. My handsomest baby, you ready to eat," Lexx smiled at her son. He smiled back at her, showing his little dimple.

She took the bottle that had her breast milk in it and put it up to his lips. Just as she did that Dayvon walked through her door.

"Wassup y'all," he spoke.

Dess, Jayda, and Blay spoke back to him.

"Why you here? You need something," she questioned.

"No, I'm bored and didn't have anything else to do," he answered.

"We all bored," Dess voiced, "and let me feed lil man."

Alexus gave her Daylen and she proceeded to feed him.

"You need to have one," Jayda told her.

"I'm okay with him and Loyal and nephews," she shrugged.

"We need to find something to do," Blay said looking up from his phone.

"Look for something," Dess said, and he nodded going on his phone.




Everyone went into the bowling alley that Durk rented out. Lexx snuggled her sleeping son closer to her chest and Von had his car seat and baby bag.

Once they got to the lanes that they were going to be using, they put all of their things down to go get bowling shoes.

"What y'all want to eat," Blay asked as he stood at the concession counter. Everybody started yelling out.

"Just give me some of everything y'all got on the menu. Enough for everybody. I'll be back if we need more," he told the man and sat a stack of money on the counter.

"Y'all called Booka," Jayda asked.

"He said he had some stuff to handle and if he had time he'll slide," Von answered.

"Hey y'all," Jayda said walking through the door with Loyal, who she had just gotten from his dad.

As soon as she let go of his hand he ran to August and Grandbabii. Alyssa smiled at the two boys and Alexus couldn't wait until her son was old enough to play with them.

"Put that man down, he already spoiled," Scarr said hugging her from the side.

"Hey Alex, when did you get here?"

"I called your name four times," he told her, "Look over there."

She looked up and seen a girl she'd never seen before, "This is the girlfriend?"

"Not my girlfriend, we just chillin' right now. Her name is Kennedy," he sighed.

"If you like her, I like her. If she hurt you, I'm on her ass real bad. If she ever ask you to choose between me and her because she finds out about our past, choose her. If you really end up loving her, choose her," Lexx said after she put sleeping Daylen in his car seat.

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