Neville Longbottom

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You walked down the hall to Potions. You loved the class and you were partnered with Neville. Most people would find that a negative, since he's so bad at potions, but you had a crush on the dork.

You walked into class looking down. Most people were respectful when you came out the other day, but there are always assholes. You sit down at the table.

"Hey, (d/n)." Neville uses your dead name, making you flinch a bit. "You alright?" He looks concerned.

You nod, biting your lip. The rest of the class goes by silently as Snape shuts everyone up. Once class is dismissed you help Neville pack up.

"(D/n), after dinner will you help me study?" He asks, blushing.

"Of course. I'll meet you in the library." You say, think he's so cute.

You two walk to the door before going your separate ways. Time flies and finally you make your way to the library. You don't see him when you walk in so you sit at a table. A few minutes later, you see him walk in.

"Hey, (D/n). Hope I didn't make you wait too long." He smiles sitting down. 

"I only just sat down."  You smile up at him. You started your study session and after a bit before he closed his book.

"(D/n), what's wrong?" He asks

"Nothing." You look up at him before looking back down.

You wanted to correct him but you were kinda shy and scared. You know Neville would never hurt you, in any way, but that irrational fear was still there.

"I know you well enough to know you're a terrible liar. You can talk to me." He says gently. You bite your lip sighing before you look up at him.

"I... I'm trans. A boy. I want you to use male pronouns and call me by my name, (Y/n)." You worked up the courage to actually tell him. 

"Oh. I'm sorry, (Y/n), I didn't know." He says with a small smile. 

It felt so good to hear him actually use your name, to hear anyone use your name. You're so happy you can't hold back as a tear rolls down your cheek.

"I'm sorry, don't cry. I've got you." Neville says hugging you.

"Thank you, Neville." You sniffle. 

Soon, it's almost curfew so you make your way to your dorms.


Saturday comes quickly, you don't have much homework so you take a walk around the lake. It's so peaceful when there's not many people out. The lake is your favorite place to sit and think, the view is so beautiful.

"Hey, dyke!" A Slytherin bully yells out to you. You look down trying to ignore him.

"I'm talking to you, tranny!" He yells, stepping up to you. You stand up walking away, you just want to be alone right now.

"A woman should be obedient and listen when a man is talking to her." He grabs your arms tightly.

"Too bad he's not a girl." You both turn your head. You've never been happier to see Neville.

"Walk away or you'll be in trouble too, Longbottom." The bully says pulling out his wand.

Your eyes widen as you try to pull out of his grasp but he's too strong. Neville pulls out his wand. The bully didn't like that, he throws a jinx at Neville but Neville is surprisingly quick, and blocks it just in time. Neville throws a jinx back, but the bully wasn't fast enough. The boy falls, his limbs all twisting together.

"Are you okay?" Neville asks, helping you up by pulling you into his arms.

You nod your head smiling. Neville was a secret badass and he saved you.

"(Y/n), would you maybe want to go to the Yule Ball with me?" He asked shyly, blushing lightly.

"Of course." You smile up at him.

He kisses your cheek lightly making you blush.

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