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Daddy Dom! Dan Howell and Phil Lester x Little Boy! Reader.

⚠️ I don't support: minors in kink, agere, or any 'sfw' little space communities ⚠️


"Dada? I wanna cuddle." You walk up to Dan's desk in his room carrying your favorite stuffie in front of you as you walk.

"I'm editing, we can cuddle in a bit when I'm finished." One of your caregivers says glancing at you before going back to editing.

"Edit later, cuddle now." You pout holding your stuffie closer to you.

"I can't right now, little one, I have to finish this video so it can go up on time. I'll come cuddle with you in a bit," Dan says turning towards you, "I promise, baby boy." He kisses your forehead before going back to work.

"You better come cuddle with me." You mumble going to the living room to relax on the sofa.

You curl up on the sofa sighing, one would think being in a poly relationship you'd always have some form of attention, but, unfortunately, that's not how it works, Dan and Phil can both get busy. You're not even sure where Phil is at this moment. Picking up a few things at the store? Your brain supplies immediately contradicting yourself. Guess you do know.

You turn Trees by Tøp on quietly through your phone feeling like it's an underrated song compared to the other songs on Vessel. You cuddle your stuffie relaxing to the music, today is a bad day. Your dysphoria is acting up and all you want is for your caregivers, or at least one, to hold you and keep you company. Usually your dysphoria isn't horrible and you can get by with just ignoring it, but then there are days when it's really bad, sometimes seemingly for no reason, and there's just no ignoring it on those days, it's impossible.

"(Y/n)? I got donuts if you want some." Phil says walking into the living room announcing his return home.

"Will you bring me one?" You ask looking over at him. He walks over sitting next to you.

"Are you feeling alright? You look kinda sad, kitten." Phil asks concerned, caressing your cheek.

"No, my body hates me and Dada won't cuddle with me cause he's 'working'." You practically whine pouting.

"What a meanie butt," He clicks his tongue chuckling, "Why don't I cuddle with you until Dan is done?" He smiles at you like you're the reason the sun comes up each morning.

"Will you still bring me a donut?" You smile slyly.

"Of course I will, angel." He kisses you softly before getting up.

"Chocolate sprinkle?" Phil holds up the donut smiling.

"Perfect," You smile back at him, "You're the best, daddy!" You kiss his cheek grabbing the donut.

"I hardly think getting donuts makes me the best but I'm glad you think so." He chuckles sitting back down next to you.

Once you finish your donut you scoot closer leaning on Phil, he wraps his arm around you as you lean back against him. You take a deep breath relaxing into your daddy. You try to make that uncomfortable feeling go away, it's almost like a weight... It's like you're all too aware of the body parts you shouldn't have, almost like they're pulsing, reminding you that your body is wrong.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Phil asks, rubbing your side softly.

"Not really..." You sigh, talking about it would just keep it in your mind longer.

"Alright, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. Do you mind if I say a few things though?" Phil asks softly, his voice soothing you deeper into little space.

"Of course not, daddy." You practically whisper.

"You mentioned earlier that your body hates you, if what I'm thinking is correct, then I want to remind you that you're perfect. I'm sorry your body isn't what it should be, I wish I could make it better, make it so you didn't feel like this... I love you, (Y/n), my sweet little boy." A tear rolls down your cheek at his words.

"I love you too, daddy." You whisper, turning so you can bury your face in his chest. He wraps his other arm around you holding you tightly.

The two of you just relax there in each other's arms in a comforting silence. An hour must have gone by as you start to drift into a much needed nap.

"Hey-" The voice brings you back to consciousness.

"Shh, he's sleeping." Phil says just above a whisper.

"Oh, sorry." Dan whispers. He must have walked over to the sofa cause the cushion next to you dips as he sits down. You want to open your eyes but your eyelids are too heavy.

"Done editing?" Phil asks, keeping his voice low.

"Yeah, all three videos are done and ready to be posted," Dan sighs leaning back against the sofa, "How's our little boy doing?" You hear Dan ask.

"Hopefully better after a nap, his dysphoria is acting up today." Phil rubs your back softly, probably unconsciously too.

"Our poor baby boy..." Dan moves some hair out of your face.

"Dada?" You ask, opening your eyes twisting in Phil's arms, he opens his arms letting you move so you can cuddle with Dan too.

"Hey, baby boy, did you have a good nap?" He asks, giving you a soft smile.

"It'd be better if you would cuddle with daddy and I." You pout making him chuckle.

"How could I refuse that?" He repositions himself, wrapping an arm around you. You kiss Phil softly, he cups your jaw returning the kiss briefly before you shift to rest your head on Dan's collarbone.

"I'm sorry I couldn't do this earlier, little one. I wanted to, I really did." Dan whispers, kissing the top of your head.

"I know, you had to work. I don't really like it but I understand." You chuckle lightly smiling up at him.

"I'm sorry your dysphoria is bad today," His arm tightens around you a bit, "You're the handsomest man I've ever met, you know?" Dan smiles down at you.

"I love you, dada." Is all you can think to say smiling. You lean up kissing him softly, the hand from the arm that isn't wrapped around you and caresses your cheek as he deepens the kiss.

"Go back to sleep, we'll wake you for lunch." He says when the kiss breaks.

"Yes, dada." You whisper resting your head against him once more. You smile to yourself snuggling closer to Dan while pulling Phil closer to you at the same time. You drift off into a much needed nap in the arms of your two daddies feeling loved.

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