Carl Gallagher (Smut)

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"I'm gonna beat his ass." Carl, your closest friend, says with controlled anger.

"It's not a big deal." You mutter.

"Of course it's a big deal, you've been dating him for a year and he just randomly breaks up with you? That's bullshit." Carl rants.

"It wasn't random." You look up at him.

"It wasn't?" He asks.

"He's been really pushy lately..." You sigh, "I wouldn't fuck him, the last few months he'd get pissy before leaving to go fuck Amber." Carl makes a disgusted face at her name.

"Wait," Carl pauses, staring at you. "You never fucked Jake?" He asks with a weird look in his eyes.

"No... Whenever I imagined my first time, it just wasn't with Jake..." You leave out the part where it's with Carl.

"You're more innocent than I thought." Carl chuckles.

"You're a child." You roll your eyes playfully.


"Have you just not wanted to have sex?" Carl says randomly. At the moment you're both laying on his bed high.

"I mean I do, just with a specific person."

"Specific person? Who?" He asks. How to deflect this one...?

"Can I ask you something?" You ask, thinking of a way.

"Anything." He says immediately. Well, that worked rather easy.

"For someone with... My body parts... What's it like to have someone... Ya know, go down on you." You ask hesitantly.

"Hold up, are you telling me that you've never been eaten out?" Carl looks over at you with a weird look on his face.

"I don't like calling it that, but yes." You blush.

"Sorry," This is why you love Carl so much, he understands even when he doesn't. "um, I'm not completely sure how it'd feel like to you but I can say it's like your whole body lights up, it's almost as good as sex."

You sit in silence for awhile, you're almost dozing off when said boy turns to you.

"(Y/n)?" He asks hesitantly.

"Mm?" You respond with your eyes closed.

"Would you like to feel what it's like? To get head, I mean." You sit up shocked. Did he really just-?

"What do you mean?" You ask unsure and not wanting to make a fool of yourself. Carl sits up and leans in close, softly kissing you.

"I mean, would you be into it if I went down on you?" His hand inches up your thigh.

"I think I'd enjoy that." You whisper before blushing at his smirk.

His hand moves between your thighs, even through sweatpants your heart beats faster just from the simple touch. Carl looks up at you before taking off your pants.

"Tell me if you want me to stop." The words are soft and gentle, like he truly cares.

He pulls your boxers down and before you know it, his head is in between your thighs. Carl's tongue is like magic, the moment his tongue touched your sensitive skin you bucked your hips wanting more.

"I need your hips down, kitten." Carl winks before diving back in so to speak.

You curl your hands in his hair as you moan. His tongue moves in amazing ways making you feel like you're on cloud nine.

"C-Carl, oh my god..." You say with a breathless moan. Carl slides a finger into you, at first it kinda hurts but it doesn't take long before it feels incredible.

Carl thrusts his finger in time with his tongue. It's when Carl adds a second finger when everything starts becoming too much. You can't help but move your hips and this time he lets you. This heat knots itself in your lower stomach, it feels like you're going to explode. You whine as it becomes too much.

"Don't hold it, kitten, just let it go." Carl mutters before putting that beautiful tongue back on you.

You arch your back pulling on his hair roughly as you let go, letting the pleasure just completely take over. The feeling that runs through your entire body is indescribable, but truly amazing. You kinda feel like you're peeing before the feeling fades away.

"Did I do well?" Carl smirks sarcastically as he licks his fingers moving back next to you.

"Carl, has anyone ever told you that you are fucking amazing?" You smile up at him laughing.

Carl chuckles, sending a shiver up your spine. He leans down kissing your lips softly. This kiss wasn't fast and heated, it was slow and full of feeling. You wrap your arms around his neck deepening the kiss. Slowly he wraps an arm around your waist to bring you closer.

"I'll gladly go down on you any day." He winks, this could have been a sweet and gushy moment but no... He chuckles before adding, "I'd like you to be my main."

"Try you're only." You suggest pinching his neck.

"Ow ow, my only works just fine." Carl rushes out. You let go of his neck, smiling up at him you chuckle.

"Better." You kiss his lips softly.

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