Dave Strider

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You've been on the meteor for a few days and those first few days were amazing, you finally met your best friends. The people who've kept you going. But now, reality has set in, this was supposed to be a fun game to play together; it's not a game anymore.

You walk over to Rose, she's passed out so you take the drink from her unconscious hand. There's not much left so you down it, swallowing the last bit of it.

"Stealing other people's drinks is uncool man." You turn seeing Dave and his stupid cape.

"She's been drinking too much, it's become a problem, I'm helping." You shrug and he laughs making you smile.

"We're planning an intervention of sorts, wanna help." He asks as you walk over to him, sitting down.

"Sure." You say, worried for your friend.

"(Y/n), look at me." You look at him, his eyes are beautiful. You're completely baffled as to why he wants to hide those beautiful red orbs.

"What's wrong?" He says it more of a demand rather than a question.

"It's stupid." You look down, you don't know how to tell him.

"I promise you, it won't be." He says grabbing your hand softly.

"I-... Dave, I wasn't born a guy... " You confess looking back up at him nervously. It really is stupid.

"And?" He asks.

"And I just...." You start but he cuts you off.

"(Y/n), it doesn't matter what you were born as. All that matters is you're a cool guy." He says squeezing your hand.

"What if not everyone thinks that way? What if they don't see me as 'a cool guy'?" You bite your lip. You want to let this go but you have to just say it, get it out there.

"Then they'll have me to answer to. I won't let anyone hurt you, in any way. If they have a problem they can take it up with me, and I can assure you after that there'll be no problem." He says seriously, making you blush looking down, smiling a bit.

"Thanks, Dave." You smile at him as he puts his glasses back on, swooshing his hair making you chuckle.

You were lucky to be able to see this side of Dave. You're one of the very few people who get to see Dave as a complete human and not just the 'cool kid' act he puts on.

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