Tony Stark

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"Get out." Your dad whispers as he hugs your crying mom.

"Dad, please..." You plead.

"Get your stuff and get out!" He yells making you jump back letting the tears run down your face.

You run to your room packing a quick bag, only the essentials. You look at your room one last time before shutting the door knowing you'll never see it again.

"Mom, dad, please don't do this. I'm still your son." You cry once you're at the front door.

"We don't have a son. Don't come back." Your dad turns leading your mom to the kitchen for some tea.

You look to your parents one last time as they turn their backs on you, both literally and metaphorically, before walking out the door. Once you're at the curb you break down sobbing as you slowly walk.

You're barely out of high school and have no money and nowhere to go. What are you going to do? Tony. Tony will know what to do. You met Tony in school before his parents died, he's two years older so he'll know what to do.

The walk to Tony's takes forever, you're walking slowly so you don't run into anything, walking while crying is dangerous. Finally, you get to Tony's house, really it's his parents, he's just staying here until he gets it cleared out. You knock on the door trying to calm your tears, it's no use though.

"(Y/n)? Oh my god, come here." Tony pulls you inside hugging you.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know where else to go." You cry into his shoulder.

"Shh, it's alright. Come here." He soothes you, leading you to the sofa.

"What happened?" Tony pulls back from the hug, looking into your eyes

"They kicked me out, Tony." More tears form in your eyes.

"What?" Tony sounds upset.

"I came out to my parents and they kicked me out. What am I going to do, Tony? I don't have the money to live on campus, I barely have enough for tuition." You start crying again out of stress.

"It'll all be okay," Tony brings you into another hug making you feel loved. "I can't believe they kicked you out, their own child." The disgust is clear in his voice.

"Dad said I was a failure, a freak." You let it all out.

"You are not a failure, do you hear me, (Y/n)? You're not a freak either. If they can't see how brilliant and wonderful you are, then that's their loss." Tony holds you close, rubbing your back softly.

"You can stay here, with me." Tony says after you've stopped crying.

"Tony, I can't afford rent in a place like this." You sigh, wiping your eyes.

"(Y/n),-" He starts but you cut him off.

"Don't you dare tell me I can stay here for free. I am not going to mooch off you." Tony sighs.

"Fine, how about this, help me clear this place out. You can stay here, for free, in the meantime. Just doing me a favor, purely temporary."

"Tony-" He cuts you off.

"You wouldn't be mooching off of me, you'd be staying here in exchange for manual labor." You take a moment to think. You don't mind being put to work and you could really use the place to stay.

You throw your arms around him again. "Thank you." You whisper gratefully.

"Anything for you, sweetpea." He winks pulling back from the hug.

"Don't call me that." You roll your eyes.

"Fine, how about hotstuff?" Tony smirks.

"You really know how to ruin a moment, ya know." You chuckle.

"I know." He laughs.

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