Laughing Jack

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CW: Mentions of child abuse


You sigh as you finally get home, your dad yelled at you for not doing something, you're just happy he didn't throw a plate at you this time. You're so relieved once you finally get to the safety of your room.

"Did you have fun at school?"

You roll your eyes letting your bag fall to the floor.

"No, it was terrible. I swear one of these days I'm gonna snap and kill everyone." You grumble. Jack just laughs.

The Great Laughing Jack is your only friend. He's been your friend since you were six, you quickly found out that you can't talk about him, just like how you found out to stop trying to tell people you were a boy. That got more than a plate thrown at you.

"What happened?" He asks, real concern in his voice. You flop on the bed next to the clown before answering his question.

"Just idiotic trabsphobic cunts." You sigh, closing your eyes feeling Jack pull you into a hug.

"Let's kill them all." He says protectively.

"Let's start with the drunk downstairs." You laugh.

"How do you want to do it?" He asks.

"Slit his throat?" You say after thinking for a moment.

"That's so boring, have some creativity." Jack rolls his eyes.

"Fine, how about, we tie him up, cut open his stomach and decorate the house with his organs. Is that creative enough for you?" You smile looking over at him.

"Disturbingly creative." Jack chuckles, making you laugh.

"Let's do it." He says seriously.

"For real?" You ask, looking at him.

"Yeah, he's done nothing but hurt you, he doesn't deserve to breathe." He gives you a twisted smile.

"You're right! He's garbage, worse than garbage. Let's do it!" You sit up as does he. His eyes darken but you barely notice. He gets up grabbing the sheets off your bed making you get up as well.

"This should hold him down." He says grinning at you.

You smile as you walk out of your room, down the stairs, and to the kitchen. You grabbed a knife and showed it to Jack, he shook his head so you put it back in the drawer. Instead you grab a bigger knife, when you turn back to Jack he nods. Jack follows you to the living room, where your dad is sleeping in an armchair. He ties your father to the chair before slapping him hard across the face. The man startles awake, he tries to get up but can't.

"What's going on!?" He demands from you as soon as his eyes land on you. Jack walks over to you, scaring the tied up man. "W-who is that!?" He asks, terror think in his voice.

"Hello, I'm the one and only Laughing Jack in a box! I believe your son told you about me many years ago." He says putting on a little show.

"My daughter is delusional, she had a stupid imaginary friend. Who the fuck are you and why am I tied up!?" He yells clearly grasping the situation.

You look down taking a deep breath before looking back up at your father with emotionless eyes.

"I am not your daughter nor am I delusional. Jack is real, you were just talking to him, you can see him." You say slowly.

As you say that Jack does a little dance making you laugh. You turn back to your father, he looks terrified. Good, he should be.

"Now, Jack and I want to have a party, but we don't have any decorations." You mock a sad face, but quickly smile holding up your big knife. "That's when I had an amazing thought! You. You can be the decorations! We just have to get into your stomach." You grin at him.

Before he can say anything you bring the knife to his stomach. You stab and stab until the skin is just shreds of meat ignoring his screams. You pull out his intestines covering your hands in blood. You hand the organs to Jack who nails them up. Once the drunk man's stomach is completely empty you look at how Jack put them all up.

Jack walks over to you, he takes your hands, licking the blood off of them then lets go of them, licking his lips.

"What now?" You ask.

"Now we go to school." You smile as he takes your hand leading you out of the house.

You love Jack, he will protect you forever and you will protect him forever.

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