Rick Sanchez

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As soon as you got home you dropped your bag off in your room before running across the street to meet up with Morty and Rick.

Luckily you got out of the house with only your dad yelling at you briefly. Your home life isn't the best, your dad has some anger issues and likes to yell about the stupidest shit. Not to mention your whole family is transphobic...

You found a safe place with Rick and Morty. They never dwell on how boyish you present yourself or the fact that you like to be called by a different name than what's on your birth certificate.

You had actually come out to Morty, he's your only friend and you trust him with your life. Morty has always been accepting and kind. When you told him you're a guy, he said that it actually makes a lot of sense and that if he was being honest that he never really saw you as a girl. You're grateful that you have an amazing friend like Morty.

You run into the garage seeing both Rick and Morty waiting for you.

"Sorry I'm late." You apologize.

"It's no problem, (Y/n)." Morty smiles at you. Rick doesn't say anything, he just makes a portal on the wall showing his impatience.


"Come on, kids, now's as good of a time as any to practice your aim!" Rick yells at you and Morty as you shoot the aliens before they can shoot you as you're running as fast as you can.

Rick may have stolen this glowy thing and now there's a shit ton of aliens trying to kill you.

Finally Rick is able to make a portal on the ground and all three of you jump in landing in the garage. Before the portal closes one of the aliens jumps through about to shoot you, before he can, Rick kills him.

"Thank you, Rick." You gratefully thank him.

"It's no problem, kid." He brushes it off as he burps.

"I better get home." You say your goodbyes before dragging yourself across the street.


Saturday, you meet Morty in his room. You two joke around not really doing the homework you're supposed to be doing. Rick comes in, at first you thought he was going to drag you guys on a new adventure but instead he asks, or more like tells, you to meet him in the garage. Before you can answer he walks away. You give Morty a confused shrug.

"(Y-Y/n), there's something I need to tell you before you go." Morty looks nervous.

"What is it?" Now you're starting to get worried, are they going to tell you they don't want you to go on adventures with them anymore?

"I accidentally called you a guy to Rick and he asked questions, a-and you know how he gets it. I know you said you wanted to keep it between us, I didn't mean to tell him I swear!" He apologizes and you shake your head at how sorry he looks.

"It's okay, Morty, I know how Rick is when he thinks someone knows something he doesn't. It's not your fault." You reassure him.

Your stomach does flip flops all the way to the garage. This could very well be Rick coldly telling you what a freak of nature you are and that he wants nothing to do with you anymore. Once in the presence of the crazy genius, you just stand there looking at the ground waiting to be kicked out. Rick stares at you for a moment before speaking.

"I'm not very good at these sappy emotional talks..." He pauses kind of awkwardly. "Morty told me that you never really felt like a girl and I... I felt like I should talk to you." Here it comes, this is where he tells you that it's just a phase, that you'll grow out of it. He walks over to you kneeling so you're about the same height.

"I know you can't help how you feel, it's like trying to force a gay person to be straight, it doesn't work. You can't choose these kinds of things, they just are what they are." He pauses for a moment. "I know things can be difficult. Whether it be family or kids at school, things unfortunately aren't going to be easy, but know you always have a home with us. Morty and I will always have your back and we'll support you no matter what." He finishes as you hold back tears not wanting to cry in front of him. You didn't expect him to be so incredibly supportive.

"Thank you, Rick, that means a lot to me." You say at a loss for words. He ruffles your hair before standing up.

"Now that that sappy shits out of the way, go get Morty, we have a Time Crystal to steal!" Rick turns grabbing things off his desk.

You smile running to Morty's room to grab the boy. You can't keep the smile off your face. You have found your family. Yes, you have your family back home but here with Rick and Morty, you have people who love and support you, they accept you for you. You couldn't ask for anything more.

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