Sherlock Holmes

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You hated getting up in the morning, you'd sleep peacefully all night then wake up feeling exhausted. It's like no matter what you do you can never win. You get dressed quickly before rushing to the police station before you're late. You wouldn't mind making your asshole of a boss wait a bit if you couldn't get fired for it, but unfortunately you need this job.

You arrive just in time at the station, you quickly make your way to the forensics department where you see an annoyed looking Anderson.

"You're late again." He sounds annoyed too.

"It's only 8:01" You say checking your watch.

"Yes, you're one minute late. I should write you up for that!" You take a deep breath trying not to let his assholeness (Is that a word? Probably not. Do I care? Not at all. Lmao) get to you.

You must have zoned out cause Anderson walked past you before stopping after seeing that you weren't following him.

"Well, are you coming?" His voice makes you want to punch him in the face.

"Yeah, of course." You give him a small smile at least trying to be civil, not like he does the same.

You walk out of the station and into a police identified vehicle. While Anderson drives you realize you have no idea where to.

"Where are we going?" You suddenly ask.

"Do you just not listen to a word I say? I told you before we left." He complains.

"Sorry, must've zoned out." You give a weak half assed apology.

"There was, what seems to be, a triple homicide." Is all he gives you in an annoyed huff, probably having told you more details earlier.

"Right." You nod.

The rest of the drive was spent in silence as you wonder if Sherlock Holmes will be there. You've never met him before but Anderson goes off all the time about how much he hates the man. Although you're a little afraid to meet the man, you've heard that he doesn't have any filter at all, and that kinda scares you since you don't really pass that well... It just seems like it would end with you holding back tears.

As soon as you and Anderson walk into the crime scene Anderson goes off seeing Sherlock Holmes already examining the bodies.

"What is HE doing here?" He yells.

"I thought he could help." The detective inspector sounds exhausted.

Sherlock interrupts before Anderson can be a little bitch baby some more. He spurts off a lot of shit that you have a hard time keeping up with.

"There's no way you could have gotten all that from the state of her nails!" Anderson accuses.

"Actually it makes a lot of sense, just we would have never noticed it." You chime in (HAvEn'T YoU PeOpLE eVER HeArD oF- ....Sorry....) quietly.

Anderson gives you a glare as Sherlock gives you a small smile before turning to talk with detective inspector Lestrade. Anderson storms off, you follow your boss out sighing.

"What was that!?" He turns on you in the stairway.

"What was what?" You ask obviously knowing what he means.

"You know what." He almost spits.

"I agreed with him, that's all. Don't take it so personally." You try to shrug it off.

"Don't try to get on his good side cause once he finds out what's really in those pants he'll be so disgusted he won't want anything to do with you." Of course the cunt face had to bring that into this.

"Thanks for the reminder." You almost whisper afraid if you talk any louder the tears you're holding back will fall.

"He'll just think you're some girl playing make believe who needs serious mental help." He spits at you.

"Anderson, please do shut up. Not only do you not know what you're talking about, but your ignorance is lowering the IQ of the whole street." A deep voice interrupts before you can say anything.

Anderson glares at the man before huffing and walking away.

"Don't listen to Anderson, he's a blubbering idiot who's just pissy because I'm smarter, although it's not hard to be smarter than that daft dunderhead." He says dryly. "You'll pass eventually, but unfortunately, until then you can't let those ignorant assholes get to you." Sherlock smiles at you and holy shit his smile is beautiful.

"Thank you, it means a lot to hear that. Anderson isn't all that bad once you get used to him, kinda like how having a dog that pees everywhere isn't so bad once you get used to the smell of dog piss and randomly stepping in said piss." You say bitterly, earning a laugh from the taller man.

"You shouldn't have to deal with it regardless." He looks away awkwardly before seemingly deciding on something. "Things will get better, trust me, I... I never thought I'd pass like this back when I was in high school and uni..." Hold up, did he just... Did he just come out to you? Holy shit.

"You mean you're..." He starts but he cuts you off.

"Trans? Yes. My parents didn't take it so well, neither did my brother but at least he tried; still trying." Sherlock gives a small smile making you smile.

"Sherlock?" A voice calls. You turn to see a man about your height with sandy blond hair.

"If you ever need anything you know where to find me." Sherlock winks at you before walking off to the blond man.

Did you just make a friend? More than a friend? A polite stranger? Well, Sherlock has a reputation of not being polite per say so you're not sure about that one. You hope you'll see him again. You sigh, time to go deal with Anderson for the rest of the day.

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