Sam Winchester

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You just walked into your house, it's like two am and you are beyond tired. Fuckin douche canoe of a boss kept you over time without notice, you ended up working a double. In reality you were supposed to get off at six pm. Needless to say, you were tired and done with everything.

You hear a noise that makes you freeze. You lived alone. Suddenly a thing attacks you, you scream as claws rip into your skin. Just then two men bust through your door.

Everything happens so fast you don't quite know what they did but they killed it.

"Are you okay?" The taller one asks frantically.

You nod your head not being able to speak.


That was almost a year ago. The two men? They were Sam and Dean Winchester, they're hunters, they actually hunt monsters, like vampires and ghosts.

After your first run in with them you, yourself, became a hunter. You were on a hunt, a werewolf overpowered you. Luckily for you the Winchester's were also hunting said werewolf. They took you back to their bunker to bandage you up and you ended up just staying. You've been living with them in their bunker for about 8 months.

You walk out of your room, sighing as you make your way to the kitchen. You see Sam sitting there. 

"Why are you up so late?" You ask, glancing at the clock on the wall, it's about 2:30 am.

"Can't sleep." You hear his reply as you grab a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Neither can I. What's on your mind?" You ask, sitting down next to him. Sam just shakes his head. 

"You can tell me anything, Sam." You assure him as he looks at you. 

His eyes are so beautiful... You get so lost in them. You don't even realize that he's closing the space between the two of you. Soon his lips are against yours. His lips are so soft against your slightly chapped lips. Which reminds you, you need to get more lip balm.

He pulls away way too soon in your opinion. You just look at him blushing, being too shy to say anything.

"I like you, (Y/n), a lot actually..." He confesses. 

"I like you a lot too, Sam." You smile, blushing even more.


Weeks go by and you're happy with Sam but… You've made out a few times and it's almost gone farther but he understood when you wanted to stop.

You're dreading telling him. Almost all the guys you've been with broke it off once they found out.

'You're a girl disguised as a guy.' They'd say. 

You don't think you can handle hearing Sam say anything close to that.

"Babe, what's wrong?" You hear Sam's voice so you sit up in bed looking at him, he's now sitting up too. You bite your lip.

"There's something I need to tell you..." You trail off nervously. 

"What is it?" He asks concerned, gently grabbing your hand. He rubs circles into the back of your hand calming you down a bit.

"....I... I am, um.... I'm trans. I was born a girl..." You finally confess. 

"Is that what's been bothering you the past few days?" Sam shakes his head.

You nod.

"(Y/n), I don't care about that. I care about you, not what's in your pants. You're my boyfriend and I love you." He says sweetly. 

You have so many emotions, you're trying not to cry, what he said was so sweet, no one has ever said that to you.

You also blush since that's the first time he said 'I love you'.

"I love you too." You whisper, he smiles at you giving you a big Sam Winchester hug. If you've never had a hug from Sam, I'm so sorry, truly the best hug you could get.

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