Severus Snape

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CW: Attempted sexual assault


You were invisible, no one ever noticed you. When people did notice you it was never good, you were only known as "the (h/n) dyke whore".

You just wanted to watch Snape from afar and get out of this hell hole as quickly as possible. You don't have any friends but you knew if you did they'd think you mad if they knew you had a small crush on the potions master.

Since it's Saturday, it's your routine to sit by the forbidden forest and read. You sit against a tree opening your book. You read for a bit before you get interrupted.

"Hey, look, it's the chick who wants to be a guy." One of them calls out drawing all of their attention to you. You try to hide in your book and ignore them, but one of them takes the book from you, throwing it onto the grass.

"I was reading that." You mutter quietly.

"Not anymore, you're not. I'm going to have a bit of fun." One of the guys points his wand at you.

Before you can even move he hits you with a paralyzation charm. All of them take turns kicking you. Why? You don't know... It's fun you guess. After what seems like forever the kicking finally stops. The one who started all this bends down looking at your tear streaked face smiling.

"Why don't we see for ourselves what it has? Then we'll know for sure if it's a girl or not." He says turning to the others.

He grabs your pants, you try to move but you're stuck, the only thing you can do is cry even more. You feel him undo your belt as panic courses through you. Then a throat clears. Everyone turns their head to see Snape, the boys freezing in fear.

"100 points from Slytherin, each. The headmaster will be informed of this. Leave." He says calmly. "Now!" He raises his voice when none of the boys move.

The boys scatter, afraid of the man. He undoes the charm which allows you to move again. You immediately curl up trying to breathe but only end up hyperventilating. Snape kneels down next to you and gently rubs your back.

"You need to see Madam Pomfrey." He says softly once your breathing calms down.

You nod wiping the tears away before letting him help you up and leading you to the infirmary. When you get there Madam Pomfrey gives you a potion to help with the pain and injuries.

"Those ignorant dunderheads don't know what they're talking about." Snape speaks up once she's gone.

"Maybe they're right…" You shake your head. "I'm just a freak, a girl trying to be something she's not… Sorry." You apologize, looking down.

He steps closer lifting your chin up, making you look into those beautiful brown eyes, "You know who you are, no one else has a right to try and tell you otherwise. If you say you're a boy, then that's what you are. What anatomy you may or may not have is completely irrelevant." He says quietly.

Without thinking you hug him, what was a bit surprising is that he hugged you back. Professor Snape actually hugged you back! You savor the moment, the nice physical contact, before you pull back from the hug, even though you never wanted to.

"Thank you so much, Sir." You smile up at him. His lips upturned a bit, but just barely. It's still enough to make you blush. Stupid crush.

"No need to thank me, (L/n). It's simply the truth." He says, rolling his eyes. Without another word he swishes out the double doors.

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