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You were so confused, you knew you should have just blocked the Unknown number. How do you always get yourself into these situations?

At least now you're chatting to cute boys lol.

707: Lookedintoownerofdevice
707: she'scutelol

Yoosung: You did a background check on her!? So, (y/n) is definitely a girl?

You sigh, of course, one of them is a hacker. Of course, he saw your legal records. The ones that all say you're a girl.

(Y/n): But I'm not a girl

You try, but it's no use really.

707: thenwhydoyouplaythisgame

Zen: Are you a girl or a boy?

707: youdidntreadsweeyfantasyforladies?

Yoosung: I heard that's just the company's marketing scheme;
Yoosung: Anyways, are you a girl or a boy?

707: girl

Jaehee: Let's just say she's a girl.

Zen: oh! A girl!

Jumin: What? It's really a girl?

707: ya

You feel like crying. It's pathetic, you know. You can't do anything without people misgendering you and even when you correct them they just tell you you're wrong, as if they know you better than yourself.

(Y/n): I said I'm not a girl!

707: that's not what your records say~

(Y/n): The records are wrong. I am not a fucking girl!
(Y/n): Just because you're a hacker and can see my private legal records doesn't mean you know who I am.
(Y/n): Records can't tell you who or what I am. Only I can.

Jumin: I think you hit a nerve, 7

Jaehee: I must agree with Mr. Han. Perhaps you went too far, Luciel. Perhaps we all did.

Zen: so, (y/n) isn't a girl?

(Y/n): I'm not. I'm a boy who just wanted to talk to cute boys. ;-;

707: Jaehee is right, I went too far. I'm sorry. Please forgive me (y/n)

(Y/n): I forgive you. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak out like that.

707: it's perfectly okay, I deserved it
707: I'm a cute boy ;)

Jumin: 7 stop flirting with the new boy.

707: I wasn't lying when I said he's cute

Yoosung: I wanna see!

707: nope
707: only V and I can see how cute (y/n) is

Jaehee: It's truly sad how thirsty 7 is.

Zen: And desperate

You smile at your phone. This might not be so bad...

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