Capter 2

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The rest of the school day was OK for Alissa. But the thought of Peter Parker coming to her house tomorrow never left her mind. She wasn't gonna be in school on Monday because she was gonna join her father on a press conference. To be honest she was quite disappointed that she didn't see him for the rest of the day. There was something about him, maybe his awkwardness that made Alissa smile.
After school she went out to order a cab but was surprised to see that there was already a ride waiting for her.
"Surprise!" She hears her father say. The famous Tony Stark was leaning against a very expensive car. People were already taking pictures.
"Dad! I thought you were coming tonight!" Alissa says and jumps in his arms without hesitation. She had missed him.
"Well it wouldn't be a surprise would it?" He says, opening the door for her daughter. Alissa stepped into the car and saw the driver.
"Hey Happy, how you doing?" She asks the famous Happy Hogan.
"I'm fine, how's school" he says and the car starts driving.
"Fine" Alissa replied, school made her once again to thinking about Peter.

They arrived at the Avengers facility. Alissa and her dad walked in, and saw the rest of the avengers.
"Hey Tony!" Steve says and hugs him.
Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were pretty much inseparable. Alissa always thought their friendship was adorable.
Alissa spent her evening with her dad and the rest of the avengers. They all watched a movie and chilled out.
It was about 9pm and her dad was in the lab working. She was about to go to bed when she realized that she had forgotten about something. Alissa walked down to his lab. She saw her father working on something.
"Oh yeah, dad, a friend from school is coming tomorrow. It's a group project" Alissa told his father.
"Oh who?" He says not keeping his eyes off from his work.
"His name is Peter Parker" Alissa said casually. But the look on his father wasn't as 'casual'
"Peter Parker??"
" you know him or something..?" The young Stark asked her father confused.
"Well, I suppose I can tell you this now. Peter is Spider-man"
"what??" Alissa asked shocked yet confused.
"Yes. You know the kid that helped me with the Civil war a year ago. I made his costume. But he wanted his identity hidden" her father explained.
"Wow" was all that Alissa could say. She had seen his videos on YouTube but the thought that that was Peter sounded kinda unbelievable.
Alissa went to bed, still Peter on her mind. It's kind of crazy, all he has to do is show his face and he would be rich and he won't be bullied in school, but he chooses not too...

The morning after, Alissa woke up at around 9 and went to kitchen.
"Good morning peanut" Nat says, she was drinking coffee and was in her black widow suit. Nat was basically her aunt.
"Mission?" Alissa asked, pouring herself some cereal.
"Yep. 7am in the morning. It was easy tho" She says.
"7am on a weekend? That sucks" Alissa says before stuffing her mouth with cereal.
"Where's dad?" Alissa asks with food in her mouth.
"That is so unladylike but your father had to go somewhere, work" Nat says finishing the last sip of her coffee. After breakfast, everybody was sitting at the sofa. Alissa joined them.
"Yo lil Stark. How's life?" Sam asked.
"It's alright" Alissa says and sits beside Thor.
"Hey God"
"Hey little Human" Thor says and rubs Alissa's head. She chuckled. Thor was the avenger Alissa was closest to. She was watching Sam beating Wanda on a game on PS4 when her phone blings. It was a text from Peter.


Hey Alissa! I was just wondering when I can come?

Hey Peter, um 10?

Yep sounds good, see you.

See ya Parker .

"What's with her..." Thor murmured.
"What's with me?" Alissa asked confused and looked up from her phone. "Well first of all, your smiling like crazy" He says. Alissa's cheeks started blushing.
"What no! I'm gonna go change" Alissa quickly jumped off the sofa and went to her room. She picked out a nice and decent outfit. Before she knew it, the time was already 10. Someone rang the bell and Alissa ran to the front door. There he was, Peter Parker himself. They were guards in front of him.
"It's okay, he's a friend of mine" Alissa said to the guards. Peter smiled awkwardly at the guards and walked towards Alissa.

"hey" he said.

"hey, um come in" Alissa opened the door for them and they both walked in, for a moment Alissa forgot she was currently living with huge famous dudes( and ladies)  with super powers. because they all stared at Peter.
"guys he isn't an alien or something so stop staring." Alissa said.
"you brought a BOY home??" Thor smirked. Alissa playfully slapped him on the arm, obviously embarrassed.

Peters POV
Alissa slapped Thor on the arm laughing. it seemed like she was family to them. For peter it was kinda awkward since Captain America and other avengers that he fought with last year were also sitting there.
"oh btw we all know your spiderman" Alissa said so casually. it was kinda overwhelming for Peter.
"you what." Peter asked confused.
"c'mon i'll explain" Alissa laughed and took his arm and dragged him to her room. Her room was not so girly, it had white walls and it was quite simple. Her style was simple yet delicate.
"Okay, so my dad told me your the Spider-Man on YouTube and you fought with my dad last year in Civil War. You did an amazing job btw" she says, collapsing on her bed. Peter sat next to her.
"Oh um thanks"
Alissa giggled at him.
"What's so funny?" Peter asked giggling too.
"You! Your just too awkward. It's adorable!" She exclaims. Peter's cheeks starts blushing.
Did Alissa Stark just call him adorable?
"So did you bring all the stuff for the project?" Alissa asks, sitting up and looking at his backpack.
"Yeah" Peter says reaching for the backpack, but Alissa had already taken it. Peter smiled to himself. He loved Alissa's bubbly and so care free personality.
"Omg!! Is this your suit??" She says holding up a red costume. Peter took it and put it back in the bag.
"Uh Yes. Yes it is" he says taking all the books and stuff.
"Can you put it on? I wanna see you do the web stuff" she says excited. Peter was gonna say no, but she looked so happy and excited that he just couldn't say no to her.
"Fine" He says standing up and picking up the suit.
"Uh Yeah, I'll turn away" Alissa turned the other and let him change.
"Could you give me the mask?" He says. Alissa picked up the mask that was in front of her and gave it to him. But her eyes went straight to Peters over body. He had taken his shirt off and he had abs. Peter noticed she was looking and smiled to himself. Alissa noticed his smile and she started blushing and quickly turned away. Peter changed and put his mask on.
"You can look now" Peter chuckled. Alissa turned away and looked at him in awe.
"This is so cool, well do something!" She squeals. Peter quickly webbed her hand, but she was quick and moved away.
"Your good" He says. Not knowing that Alissa was trained.
"Thanks, Nat taught me" she says. Peter once again shot at her and she moved.
"Alright Parker, let's play then" she smirked playfully.

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