Chapter 10

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FYI: I'm gonna change to that Pepper Potts 'died' 10 years ago instead of 15, so Alissa was 6 when she died.

Later that day, All of the avengers that were on this mission met up in the meeting room and it was awfully quite.
"So Pepper...was a hydra agent. And she pretended with me just so you would be born" Tony Stark said with his voice cracking on her name. Steve laid a hand on his shoulder and gave him a small comforting smile.

"How the hell do we take her down?" Alissa finally spoke up, earning looks from all of them.
"They're simply no plan. We fight" Steve said and looked at all of them.
"But they have high tech weapons, built to take down the avengers. How are we gonna win?" Scott said.
"There has to be something she left behind?" Natasha asked mostly to Alissa and Tony.
"What do you mean Nat..?" Alissa asked confused.
"I mean Tony, you lived with this woman for years, didn't you ever notice what she was up to? Maybe she left something behind like..

"Her computer!" Tony said and ran from the room, leaving all of them in a silence. Alissa sighed and looked down to her feet.
How can someone be so evil and pretend to love someone?
She felt a hand on her arm, she looked at Peter.
"You ok?" He whispered with a concern look. Alissa gave him a faint smile and nodded.

"Here!" Tony came in with a dusty computer in his arms. He put it down on the table and opened it.
"What's the password?" Peter asked when everybody came closer to see the screen.
"I can't remember..." Tony concentrated and shut his eyes.

A memory suddenly hit Alissa.

"Mommy what are you doing?" The 6 year old ran up to the bench that was in their backyard.
"You promised me we were gonna continue play" Alissa made a sad face and sat next to her. Her mother opened the laptop and started typing the word "Stark06"
"I know honey, but this'll only take a minute" Pepper smiled.
"Why is it Stark06?" Alissa asked confused and looked up to her mother.
"Because 06 is the month you were born, June. And it's easier to remember when my little princess was born!" Pepper let go of the computer and started to tickle Alissa. Alissa giggled and laughed.
"Mommy ..Stop!" Alissa laughed fell over and laid on the bench whilst her mother was still tickling her.

"I know!" Alissa said and ran to the computer. She carefully typed "Stark06" and pressed entered. All of them watched the loading icon in suspense.
"And we're in! Good job Liss" Natasha smiled. Since Alissa was already by the computer she continued to find something.
"What's that?" Peter pointed at a file. It was named "mission X"
Alissa clicked on the file and about 5 documents showed up. They were numbered one by one.
"Oh my god" Alissa stepped back and took a breath.

The documents were numbered by steps. Step 1 was to meet Tony Stark and become close to him, and the steps continued til they had a kid.
"Wait step 4 says that Tony is supposed to die right after Alissa was born so Pepper could take Alissa with her and train her as a hydra agent" Peter read to everyone.
"What about step 5?" Scott asked.

"It says that once the kid is trained they were gonna make everybody hail hydra and if not..they'll kill them" Tony read.

"But they didn't succeed with step 4? You didn't die?" Steve asked Tony.

"Yes. But now that I remember, that year I was in a lot of accidents. I just thought it was my luck but they were all planned.." Tony sighed.

"And when they didn't work, they only had one other option. To fake Peppers death instead and kill you later" Peter said.

"so Tony is the main target, and they plan to take Alissa with them afterwards" Scott said and leaned towards the wall.

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