Chapter 23

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she smiled a little bit once she saw Steve hold Natasha's hand and say something to her, she couldn't hear cause of the window between the rooms. Sam and Tony were talking to the doctors and Alissa was pretty tired. She yawned and felt her eyes getting heavy. She hadn't slept properly for 48 hours.
The only thing keeping her from just going home and fall asleep was peter, he was suppose to be here soon. She checked the time, he was suppose to be here now. But she was used to him being late, he always had good excuses and it was just too hard to stay mad at him when he smiled that goofy smile.
Suddenly she heard the voice. The very familiar voice.
"Yeah no I'm not his son, I'm like a very good uh friend? please can you just call Mr. Stark?? I swear I'm not a stranger!"

She smiled before quickly getting up and making her way to the front entrance. He was probably trying to get in but the guard at the front door couldn't understand why a teenage boy could somehow be close to Tony Stark. 
"I know him! Don't worry" she smiled at the guard and he looked at her in confusion before letting him in.
She saw Peter come in through the doors and the guards giving him a strange look. The guard walked away from the door and turned his back on them. Peter still had a bruise by his jaw but he looked a lot better. Like he had eaten and showered and slept. But he was still limping a little bit when he walked.
He said with a soft smile. She returned him one before rushing into his arms. He was shocked at first by the sudden contact but then his arms held her tightly. He felt her hair tingle on his cheek and all he could feel on his chest was her.
She pulled away slightly. His hands found their way to her face and he cupped her face. She stared at his brown eyes and a few of his messy curls hanging.
She swears he was about to lean in when they heard footsteps. Both of them quickly pulled away and it was awkward.
"Kid there you are! how you feeling? Much better I hope" Tony said when he walked in the hall and patted his shoulder.
Both of them were still recovering from what almost happened about 15 seconds ago.
"Uh h-hi, yeah I'm good sir" he stuttered and cleared his throat. Tony nodded and they all walked back to everyone else. It was now Sams turn to be in the room with Natasha and everyone else were just standing there.

Peter looked at all of them, it was awkward. At least for him, he felt guilty and it felt like everyone blamed him for this.
"I'll get coffee" Steve Rogers suddenly stood up.
"Uh me too" Peter said and stood up too. He didn't really want to drink coffee, but he felt like he owed Steve an apology. Steve nodded and he noticed that he hadn't said much since he got here, he followed him and walked behind him.
They got to the coffee machine and it was silent, all you could here was the loud noise of the coffee pouring. Peter felt his palms getting sweaty, he was nervous.
"Uh sir? I just- I just wanna say that I'm sorry. Sorry for you know,..that, and I wish I could've helped, I mean I probably could've and I feel so bad-
"Take it easy Queens, we don't blame you" he said with a slight smile on his face, he patted his shoulder. Peter could see the sorrow in his eyes and even though Steve reassured him that no ones blaming him, he still felt guilty. Peters coffee was just done when they both heard an instant scream.
"Steve! She's waking up" Tony shouted from the end of the hall and peter and Steve exchanged a look before quickly dropping everything and running back to the others.

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