Chapter 17

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Peter woke and his sight was blurry at first. He groaned and tried to move his body, until he realized his hands were tied in the back of a chair. He saw four men guarding the room. He tried to move and and shake his body to untie the rope but it didn't work.
"Where am i? Who are you" peter screamed but the guards remained silent.
Then a thought came, where was May? He felt anxious and nervous, and could only hope she was safe. He couldn't afford to lose her too.
"Where is my Aunt??!" Peter screamed and yet again, the guards stood on their places and didn't say a word.
He wasn't even wearing his spider man suit, how did they know he was Spider-Man?
"Long time no see" a woman entered the room, with a familiar sound.
Pepper Potts.
"What..I thought we locked you away" peter said and looked at her confused.
Pepper let out a small chuckle.
"For being worlds "heroes" and all, you guys aren't so .. smart" she said and smiled. The guards let out a few chuckles too.
"Please just tell me if my aunt is safe" peter choked on his words.
"Don't worry, we're not after you. She wasn't even home when we took you, she's probably worried about you though"  Pepper sighed.

Peter felt a slight bit of relief, but also worried about the thought that she was at home, no idea where he was. She was probably worried sick.
"And as for your other question, Hydra has friends, even in prisons" she smiled and then sat on a chair in front of him.
Of course, he knew the mission couldn't have been that easy.
"What do you want?" Peter said and she folded her arms.
"You know what I want. That goddam daughter of mine. Perhaps we'll take you too? we could use two young and talented teenagers like you"

"Alissa hates you, everyone hates you, the avengers are more a family to her than you will ever be. you really think your gonna win this?" Peter said angrily, he hated her. Alissa didn't deserve this, he hated her for what he had done to Alissa and tony.

"Careful now. I don't see anyone coming here to rescue you? maybe they just don't care about you as much as you think, I mean, your not iron mans kid, your just some poor kid and they just happened to need your help sometimes"

What she said got to him. He was left silent, and didn't wanna argue back. He had always felt like an outsider amongst them, the only real connection he had was with Alissa and tony. He was sure they didn't dislike him, he just didn't really know them. Would they really risk their lives to come and save him then?

"Anyways, since the avengers facility is so secured, we couldn't get to Alissa herself. Your our only hope Peter, lets just hope Tony Stark cares enough to come here"

It had been a whole day and Peter hasn't gotten into contact with her. Normally they would text whenever they had the chance, and sometimes peter would come to her window at nights, in his suit just to hang out for a while. But She was laying in bed and wondering why he hadn't texted or called. He hadn't answered her texts either.
Maybe he's just busy, geez he has a life you know, Alissa thought to herself and put her phone aside. She drifted off to sleep but she knew something was wrong.

The next morning, she was expecting texts from him and him explaining why he had been so busy yesterday. But no texts, no calls. She was starting to get frustrated, was he doing this to annoy her? Or just to mess with her?
No he wouldn't do that, he's too much of a softie.
She went downstairs and saw Thor sitting on the couch. Thor had always nothing to do, since Earth only needed him for crisis. It happened once in a while that the avengers needed his help but it was always minor. He was in Asgard once a month to check up on his home, now that he had left Valkyrie in charge of his people, he never had to worry about that either. The reason he had left Asgard was because his home made him feel worse, it was strange that he even called it home. After all, he had lost everyone he ever loved there and that place just had a negative impact on him.
"Hey small human" he smiled one of his goofy big smiles. Alissa smiled a small one and sat next to him. She sighed and rested her back.
"What's wrong" he asked once he saw her expression.
"It's..Peter. He hasn't been in contact for almost two days" Alissa said and looked at Thor's confused expression.
"Send him a raven then. Impossible to ignore those buggers" he said and looked at her dead serious.
"I'm serious! I'm worried thor" Alissa playfully slapped on his arm and he chuckled.
"Alright alright, are you two together now or what-" he was interrupted by Tony walking into the living-room.
"Who's together?" He asked with a concern expression on his face.
"No one, Thor is just..anyways, dad how are you??" Alissa quickly changed the subject. Tony walked into the kitchen and Alissa gave Thor a serious look, and he just laughed silently.
"I'm fine honey, are you done with school for the day?" He asked whilst pouring himself a cup of coffee.
"I have a day off today" she said whilst leaning on the counter. She grabbed a cookie and started eating it.
"Has anyone been in contact with Peter by the way? Happy checked his tracker and he hasn't moved in two days" tony asked.
Alissa felt relief, she wasn't the only one who noticed.
"A tracker? Dad You know he hates that"
"Hey it wasn't me! It was Happys idea to put one in his suit again. Besides maybe he just hasn't worn his suit in two days" Tony said and sipped his coffee.
"Do you even know Peter? he loves that frickin suit, dad I think somethings wrong. He hasn't answered my calls either" she said and folded her arms.
"and you guys call each other often?" He said and lifted his eyebrow. He smirked slightly but still had a concern look on his face.
"no! I mean...yeah but it's not..ehm it's just..,check up on him please okay?" She said and tripped on her own words.
She wasn't the best liar.
Tony chuckled a bit and took his last sip of coffee. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Peter. Alissa sat by the counter and waited patiently and desperately wanted him to answer, to tell Mr. Stark that he was fine...but he didn't.
"That's ..strange, he always picks up my calls" Tony said with a confused expression on his face and looked at his phone.
"Call his aunt!" Alissa suggested and Tony nodded. He pressed the phone against his ears but Alissa could still hear the signals.
Aunt May picked up and she heard her screaming.

- Tony? Is that you?? I swear to god if you did something to my Peter

"Woah woah, calm down, you don't know where he is??"

-No!! He hasn't answered my calls for a DAY now, I'm really worried. I thought he was with you.

"Shit, okay don't worry, we'll find him"

Tony ended the call after about 10 mins of reassuring May that everything was gonna be alright. Alissa felt her heart drop, May was really worried and she was crying. Alissa felt so bad for her, she just wanted to hug her and tell her that we will find her nephew.
Even though she didn't know where he was, none of the avengers knew. Everyone was worried, especially Tony. As much as it seemed like he was always rude to Peter, he had grown fond of him. And Peter looked up to him in a dad-way and was probably his biggest inspiration.
"What's this meeting for?" Scott asked in the meeting room with a confused expression on his face. The others were slightly confused too.
"It's peter. Has anyone been in contact with him lately?" Tony said and looked around the token at everyone. By everyone there was: Natasha, Sam, Steve, Alissa, Scott and Happy.
"No, why would I even have his number?" Sam lifted an eyebrow and let out a chuckle. Once he noticed Tony's serious face, he coughed and stood up straight. Seeing Tony so serious made everyone concerned.
"is he okay?" Natasha asked and moved her eyes to Alissa. Nat knew that if there was anyone who truly knew Peter, it was Alissa. Alissa shook her head at her whilst Tony spoke again.
"We don't know, he's been gone for almost 3 days now. And his aunt doesn't know either" Tony said and folded his arms to his chest.
"Maybe he went on a school trip somewhere" Scott suggested.
"no he would've told me...guys I know you may think that this isn't a serious thing or whatever, but Peter's my friend and I'm really worried" Alissa said the word "best friend" quietly since she knew they were more than that. And by the looks of almost everyone in the room, they seemed to know too. Except Tony of course, who was still clueless.
Steve was standing next to her and gave her a small reassuring smile and patted her back.
"It's okay Liss, we'll find him"

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