Chapter 7

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"May, I'll be fine I promise" the 16 year old said to his worried aunt. Since Peter was gonna be on this mission, it was easier for him to live at the avengers facility til the mission was completed.
"Just don't get hurt okay? And call me every night, I swear if you get hurt I'll kick that Tony Stark right in the middle" May said and picked his last things. Peter laughed. He grabbed his luggage and hugged his aunt goodbye.
"I love you, bye" Peter said and exit his apartment. There was a car waiting for him.
"Good morning Mr.Parker" the driver said and started driving.
"You can call me Peter you know. I just think it's weird. I'm younger than you don't care. Ok" Peter babbled on. He was excited to live there. It meant he'll be closer to Alissa.

"Bye. Driver" Peter said and the driver just nodded and left. He rang the bell and Sam opened.
"Hey kid" he said and let him in.
"Peter, hey! How's your leg?" A very excited Alissa came rushing to him.
"Im fine now thanks" he answered smiling.
He was always smiling around her.
"Honey show him his room" Tony said from behind. He followed Alissa upstairs to a room.
"Your room is here, it's next to mine. We share the bathroom so be careful" Alissa chuckled. He opened the door and the room was bigger than his living room.
"So if you need anything, I'm next to you. Oh and we're having a meeting in like an hour" Alissa said.
"Oh okay. What meeting?"
"Me, you and the avengers. Well not all of them. Just Uncle Steve, dad, Sam, Scott and Natasha" she said before walking in her room, letting him freshen up and to set everything up.

Alissa's POV
Alissa went to her room and played with her new Ai. She could easily get all the information about almost everybody. She was bored after a little while. Alissa couldn't be happier that Peter was here. She really enjoyed his company and couldn't be more excited to work in this mission with him. She heard a knock.
"Come in" Alissa answered. Peter opened the door.
"Hey" he smiled and walked in.
"I'm bored" he said and sat next to her. It was kinda awkward since they hadn't talked since their "almost-kiss"
"So um do you wanna talk about what happened on the Ferris wheel" he said after awhile, breaking the awkward silence.
"Yeah" Alissa said and nodded.
"Listen, Alissa you. Like a lot" he said, finally catching her eyes.
"I like you too. like a lot" she said.
"Hey teenage humans, your having the meeting now instead" Thor suddenly cane through the door. He really didn't know how to knock.
They both went downstairs to Tony's meeting room. All of the avengers were sat. Peter and Alissa joined them.
"So we know that Hydra is behind this since I got some words out of a man before he passed out" Tony said.
"What did he say?" Alissa cut in.
Tony sighed. "Hail Hydra"
"Isn't Hydra's agents like Steve's thing. Why are they after Alissa?" Peter asked. Alissa found his confusing face so cute. Gosh she finds all of his faces cute.
"Yes. But since Steve is with us now, and we're stronger. He is after our most precious thing: my daughter. " Tony answered.
"Okay how exactly are we gonna do this?" Scott popped in.
"Some of Hydras agent have a party or something tomorrow night. We need someone to go undercover" Steve said.
"Okay, we go undercover and do what exactly?" Natasha asked.
"Well since we don't actually know who's the boss, we just know his/her agents. We're gonna get the information out of them. So who's up for undercover?" Tony clapped his hands.
"I mean I could go in there, they won't see me" Scott said.
"No you can't. They have high security. At least 4 guards at the entrance and probably a scan machine" Sam answered.
"Well what about the kid? Nobody knows how the famous Spiderman looks like right?" Natasha popped in.
"Your right! Peter your up!" Tony said.
"Wait really? Um so uh what do I have to do? Like do I-
"You're going to go in. Find an agent, get him/her alone and threaten them to say who's there boss" Steve said, explaining the plan like it was the easiest thing ever.
"Well that's not if the boss is actually at this party" Sam said.
"Right, if the boss is there. We'll come in" Tony said and nodded, satisfied with the plan.

Peters POV
Peter was nervous yet excited about his first ever real avenger mission. It was about 4pm and Alissa was training combat with Natasha. Peter was sitting in his room, talking to Ned on the phone.
"No way! Your gonna go undercover?!" Ned sounded more excited than Peter. He heard a knock on the door.
"Ned I'll call you back. Come in!" Peter ended the call. Steve Rogers came in.
"Hey um Mr...captain?" Peter asked confused. Steve laughed a bit.
"Hey kid" he sat next to him on the bed.
"So?" Peter was very confused.
"Are you and Alissa like together or something?" Steve asked. Well that was very unexpected.
"Um no" Peter said. Truth was he didn't know what they were.
"Oh ok. I like you. Your a good kid. If you guys do get together or something, just take care of her" Steve said.
"Yes sir" Peter nodded. Steve gave him a nod back and left. Well that was very weird.? But he couldn't stop thinking about the fact that Alissa Stark liked him, like more than friends. Just the thought made him smile.

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