Chapter 16

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peter had left.
It felt empty without him, she was still unsure of what they were. Boyfriend and girlfriend? Or just casual hook up? she was hoping he would ask her out soon, cause she definitely didn't have the courage.
She was sitting in the living room by herself, watching one of those reality tv shows that aren't funny but you keep watching them for no reason. She was bored, she had enough time to caught up on the school work. Since tony thought it was a good idea to home school her after the "almost getting shot" incident.
She was glad though, she hated school. But now she had just realized that she wouldn't get the chance to see Peter everyday, or to bond more with his best friend Ned, which saddened her a bit.
She heard footsteps and she turned around to see her father. Tony stark was wearing tank top and sweat pants. His arc reactor was showing through the shirt and he looked rough. His hair was messy and the big bags under his eyes made him look older than he was.
"Hey dad" Alissa walked over to the counter, he was making a coffee. It was his first time outside of his room all week.
"Hey" He said with a small smile and waited for his coffee.
"So..are you okay" Alissa asked, knowing she wasn't gonna get an honest answer.
"I'm fine honey"
"Dad. Your not. please I want you to be happy" Alissa walked over and stood next to him. She looked deep into his eyes that screamed sadness and loss. He looked at his daughter who was almost as tall as him now.

"I want you to know that I never knew that your mom...Pepper would turn out like this. I'm sorry your childhood didn't include a mother-

"Dad I know. and it's not your fault. Everything isn't your fault. And I don't need a mother when I have an awesome dad like you" Alissa smiled and tony looked like he was about to cry.
"I love you tons" He said and hugged his beloved and only daughter.

"I Love you 3000" Alissa said and chuckled, it was a saying she used to say when she was younger. Tony laughed too and it seemed to be a genuine one.
"What's that? On ur neck?" He asked after they let go of their hug. Alissa's cheek became red as she was filled with embarrassment. It was a hickey, she had tried to hide it with concealer but it still showed,
"Oh I burnt myself on my curler" she used the classic lie and her father actually believed her. He really was clueless.

Everything was normal back home at Queens. Mr. Delmars sandwiches were just as good as he remembered them to be, his tiny yet comfy room was as it used to be and school was normal. Aunt May was as stressed in the mornings as she used to be and Peter, well, he was a friendly neighborhood spider-man again.
It was around a week after he had moved out of the avengers facility, he had just came home from school and was about to pull his apartment door open, when he noticed the door was already open.
"..May?" He asked and walked in slowly.
He didn't remember much, just that as soon as he took a step inside, a black mask was forced on his face and he blacked out.

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