Chapter 5

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Alissa woke up the next day with the biggest smile on her face. She didn't know why, but she was just so happy today. Probably because she just had the best night of her life last night.
She woke up and went to the kitchen.she was in a good mood.
"Who wants breakfast?!" Alissa shouted. Almost everybody shouted back. She made some pancakes and toast for everyone. Soon enough everybody sat at the table and started eating.
"So why did you make us all breakfast?" Sam asked, with his mouth full of toast.
"Why? Can't I make breakfast you guys?" Alissa chuckled.
"Someone's in a good mood today" Sam mumbled, but Alissa heard anyway. After breakfast, Natasha, Steve and Thor apparently had a day off, since all of them just sat in the living room,chatting and playing video games. Her dad was gonna be home in an hour, and then they were gonna go on a press conference. Alissa sat next to Steve and Thor. They were talking about some mission, it was pretty boring so she decided to text Peter.


Hey Pete, Do You have class rn?💗

Peter 👀:
Nope, 10 min break. What are you doin? 💗

I'm bored. Dad isn't here yet. Listen, I had really fun last night. We should do it again sometime🤓

Yeah definitely, and you had to use the nerd emoji?😂💗

"Ugh be social human!" Thor said and grabbed her phone. "Who are you texting anyways?"
"No thor give it back!!" Alissa shouted, but it was too late. He was already reading the texts out loud. He was reading them word by word, very slowly.
"I HAD FUN LAST NIGHT" he kept on going and read the whole thing. Everybody was looking at Alissa.
"Last night?? What do you mean last night??" Steve asked. He was being overprotective. Steve was basically an uncle to Alissa, since he didn't have children. He treated her as his own.
"Yeah Liss explain" Natasha said confused.
"Wait did you guys have..." Thor said in a gasp.
"NO!! OMG NOO" Alissa shouted.
"Why are you yelling?" They all turned around and saw Tony. Why does he always have such bad timing on coming home?
"because she and Peter did something last night!!" Thor said. Alissa gave him a "i-will-kill-you" look and he just laughed watching her getting embarrassed.
"Oh I was on a walk and I...tripped and he happened to be around in the area so he helped me" Alissa made up a lie.
On a walk? Tripped?
"I like this kid. He's just so overprotective over us" Tony smiled. wow. Sure he was a famous scientist but he really was a dumb dad.
"Anyway, get ready for the press conference" Tony said. Alissa nodded and went to her room.

~ skip to them getting out of the car to the conference because I'm lazy af ~

Tony got out of the car. They were so many paparazzi. Her daughter got out, but as soon as she stepped her foot on he ground. There was a gunshot. Alissa missed it by a few inches. Everybody started screaming and running.
"Alissa? Are you okay honey??" A worry dad asked. He didn't hesitate and changed him into Iron man since he always had his iron man glasses on.
"Jarvis? Jarvis! Call back up" Tony panicked.
"Sir the back up isn't available since everybody is at Los Angeles for the meeting tomorrow" Jarvis answered. Alissa panicked even more. The gunshot was meant for her.
"Well there has to be someone!!" Tony screamed at his Ai.
"We have the avengers and Spider-Man in town" Jarvis answered.
"The avengers? No we can't take them, it's too little. Call Peter and give him my destination now"

Peters POV
Peter and Ned were sitting at lunch, when he got a call from Mr Stark.
"Mr.Stark? Hi" Peter said confused.
"Hey kid. You wanted to do more? Listen my daughter was almost shot so get here NOW" Mr.Stark said. You could here screams in the back ground.
"Ok ok sir. I'll be right there" Peter hang up quickly. He quickly told Ned and ran off. Alissa had almost been shot, he had never ran quicker in his life. He changed into his costume and started "flying" to them.

He arrived and saw the iron man shooting at some men. They were quite many of them. He spotted Alissa. She looked scared and stood next to the car.
"Mr.Stark!" Peter shouted and knocked down a guy.
"get Alissa somewhere safe!!" He shouted at him. Peter quickly grabbed Alissa and brought her to a rooftop. Well that's how he imagined it went.
But when he grabbed Alissa; someone shot Him. His leg started hurting, but nothing matters more than getting Alissa safe. He brought her to a rooftop in pain.
"Omg Peter are you okay??" Alissa asked worried.
"Im f.fine. Are you ok?" Peter asked. He was laying down.
"Yes I'm okay, I should call an ambulance right? Uh-
"I'm fine, I..I have to help your dad" Peter said. He stood up. The pain was getting worse and worse. But for Alissa's and Tony's stake, he went back to Iron man and helped him. Luckily they were only two guys left. After Peter knocked the guy down, his eyes went black and he passed out.
"Jarvis call an ambulance right now!!"

Peter opened his eyes slowly. It was a little dizzy at the beginning. He was in a room on a bed.
"W..where am I?" He asked confused.
"Peter! Your awake, thank god. Your at the hospital" he heard a voice.
"Alissa? Are you okay?" He asked, suddenly remembering all of it. How he risked his life for Alissa.
"Yes, you idiot I'm fine! You are the one who got shot" Alissa chuckled a bit. Peter looked at her, she looked like she had been crying. Her little chuckle made him smile.
"I'm gonna call the nurse and tell them your awake" Alissa said and left the room. After Alissa left, Tony Stark entered the room. Peter immediately sat up.
"O wow take it easy kid" he said and and helped him.
"I'm fine Mr.Stark" Peter smiled.
"I..I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for saving my daughter. I really owe you" Tony Stark said.
"No you don't owe, I'm fine really. Did you find out who was behind it?" Peter asked.
"Uh Yes. We do know. Hydra" Tony Stark answers very seriously.

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