Chapter 9

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Peter woke up first. They were so tired last night, they didn't even close up the curtains. The sun was shining through the window, and hitting the face of the beautiful girl next to him. He looked at her for awhile, god damn she was so gorgeous. The time was 8am, Peter slowly untangled his arms around Alissa and got up. He looked around for a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote:

Hey, good morning. You were sleeping so didn't wanna wake you up. I went to my room because if someone saw us, they'll kill me.

Alissa's POV
Alissa woke up with her bed half empty as she remembered last night. She yawned and got up. Where was Peter? That's when she saw a note on her side table. She smiled after reading. It was about 8:15. Alissa was exhausted so she decided to take a shower. She took her clothes and opened the door to her bathroom. The shower was on the right corner, and she started singing some songs and put her clothes on the table. Just as she took of her shirt, she noticed him.
"Omg, I- I'm sorry" Alissa panicked as she saw Peter, with a towel around his waist. He had just showered and water dripped from his hair. And there she stood with a bra. She quickly took her shirt and covered herself.
"Why'd didn't you lock the doors?" She said, pretending that she was annoyed he was there. When really she couldn't take her eyes of his body. He chuckled.
"Well I thought you were sleeping" he said and walked towards her. He was standing a meter from her.
"You like what you see?" He smirked. Which was so the least "Peter-thing" to do. But because Alissa was the one with the red cheeks and stammered, he was in control.
"Yeah. I do like my shower, and I would hate if all of the warm water was gone" she said after a few seconds, back to being herself. He smiled and she went past him and turned on the shower. She turned around again, facing him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.
"Is it okay if I kiss you" he pulled a piece of hair behind her ear.
"More than okay" she said and leaned in. Their lips connected once again, and she felt the same feeling as before. But this time it was more passionate. It quickly turned into a make out session. The shirt that she was using to cover herself, slipped down and Peter lifted her up on the table with him between her legs.
"Alissa, you in here?" They both panicked and quickly let go. Someone knocked on her door. She quickly put the shirt on and left the bathroom. She took a few seconds, fixing her breathing and opened the door.
"Hey dad" she said.
"Hey, why is the shower on?" He asked.
"Oh Peter didn't know how the shower worked, so I was showing him" she smiled. Wow, she was getting good at lying.
"Oh okay, well we're having a meeting at 9. So get dressed and eat breakfast before that" he smiled and left. Wow he really was a dumb dad. Alissa close the door to her room and saw Peter come out.
"Your lucky that I like you because I just lied to my dad again" she said.
"I am lucky" he said and left her room, leaving Alissa smiling like a crazy idiot.

"Why are you being so quite?" Thor asked as he gave them breakfast. Beside her, Natasha, Peter and Sam sat.
"Well you would too if you found out your mother is a freak who pretended to love my father just so she could later destroy him by almost killing his daughter" Alissa said sarcastically.

Although that was on her mind too, she was actually thinking about what happened in her bathroom like 15 mins ago.

"Well my sister tried to kill me, and my mother was stabbed in the heart and my brother is in Asgard prison. So you aren't the only one with family drama" Thor said sarcastically back.

"Well both my parents are dead and my uncle was killed" Peter joined their conversation.

"And I was basically trained to be like a machine and they took everything from me" Natasha sipped her coffee.

"Damn you guys are depressing af" Sam looked at them weirdly.

"Moral of the story. Everybody knows what your goin through and we're all here for you" Natasha said and laid her hand on Alissa's.
"Thanks Nat" Alissa replied. She really was thankful for her weird but wonderful family.

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