Chapter 21

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After Alissa had hugged him, she noticed how everyone else were a little They were all still standing there at the entry.
"Uh whats wrong guys? He's here, Wait where's Natasha.." Alissa chuckled nervously when she saw all of their facial expressions. Peter looked at the ground and she knew something was wrong. Her eyes met Steve's and he looked like he was about to cry.
"Dad? ..Steve where is she?" She asked both of them, getting more worried. Steve walked away from the room and she was left with Tony looking at her with a sad expression.
Steve never cried, this made her more cautious and she started to get anxiety.
"Honey...she was shot" Tony spoke.
"..5 times" Peter said with a gulp in his throat, like it was his fault. Alissa felt her stomach drop.
"What? Dad is she okay?? Where is she?" Alissa said, already getting teary again.
"She's at the Starks hospital, severe condition, the mission went well, we caught Pepper but Nat.." Sam said, explaining everything.

Alissa was in the car with Happy and Tony, on the way to the hospital. It felt like she had done nothing but cry all day. The avengers explained everything to her, Natasha had gotten shot when she was at a window, she almost risked her life for Peter's. She was shot all over her body and the chances of her surviving was very low, or so the doctor said. She was in a coma at the Starks hospital and had been for about 2 hours. They had brought her to the hospital before coming home. After peter and the rest of them arrived at the avengerst facility, they let Alissa greet peter and then dropped him of at his aunts, who was worried. He was home now and Tony decided to pay another visit to the hospital to see how Natasha was doing, and of course Alissa went with him.

They arrived at the hospital, it had a big "S" on top of it for "Stark", and yes it was her fathers, he rarely went there but he had the best doctors in town and he knew that it was the best place for Natasha.
They walked in, a nurse greeted them.
"Good evening Mr Stark and Ms. Stark, Ms. Romanoff is in room 321 and she's still in a coma, we managed to remove the bullets but we don't know when..or if she's gonna wake up" she said and smiled a sympathetic smile at them both, Tony nodded and they went to a separate hall on their way to the room.
The way the nurse had said "if" gave her anxiety and she felt her heart beating faster and her eyes getting puffier.
She couldn't afford to lose her.

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