Chapter 26

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It had been a few weeks since the incident. The world as it seemed, went on with their lives, blissfully unaware that the huge evil corporate hydra had been back. It was a miracle that they had been able to defeat it once again, and hopefully for the last time. With Pepper Potts being locked up in one of Stark's facilities far away from New York, which Tony had assured was 100% safe and she'd never escape ever again. Besides she wasn't in any condition to either, at the incident trying to fight back the avengers, she had almost died. Almost.
It kind of felt like a satisfactory for Tony Stark, all the pain and misery that she had put him and his family through, and she was now locked up and almost unable to move and in incredible pain, but still not dead. Of course, the topic was very sensitive for Tony, he had once loved that woman. Once given her his whole heart, his whole life. It's a different type of pain that Tony was experiencing and everybody knew that. But he was glad his one and only daughter was safe and sound, the person he treasured the most in the world.

Alissa's POV
The sun shined through the window and she felt rays of sunlight hit her face which eventually woke her up. It was a Saturday, which meant no school or any training. She yawned and got up, and checked her phone on the bed side table.
2 texts from "Parker❤️"
she smiled.

Parker❤️: *sent at 08.00am*
good morning lissssss :D I know for a fact your lazy ass is sleeping still but text me when you wake up!! And don't forget our plans for today, okay?

Parker❤️: *sent at 08.05am*
also. Look at this hoodie Ned got me, it has the period table at the back but then a chem pun on the front haha!! *photo*

She smiled opening the mirror selfie Peter had sent him, there he was, standing with a bright yellow hoodie and making a funny face. She texted him back and went downstairs. She was greeted by her favorite God attempting to cook something.
"Morning human, I'm making tacos"
She laughed.
"Tacos? At 11am?" She sat by the counter and waited for him to be done.
"Geez is there a specific time you're allowed to eat tacos? Guess you don't want any then" he shrugged sassily. Alissa burst into laughter.
"No no I'm hungry please give me some!"

To her surprise, it didn't taste that bad. After she ate breakfast (or brunch), she started getting ready. After picking up her clothes she did a little bit of makeup before heading out. A driver was escorting her to Peter's house, of course.
She had only been to his place only a few times but she adored it, it was comfortable and cozy and his aunt was just the sweetest.
"Bye Happy!" She waved the beloved family driver goodbye, before entering the apartment building. When she knocked on the door, it was Aunt May who answered.
"Hey sweetie, come in!!" She said enthusiastically with a bright smile.
"Hey May, how've you been?" Alissa smiled back and entered the apartment.
"Oh I'm just as always, Peter went out to buy a few things so he'll be back soon" She smiled again and invited her to sit on the couch.
"Oh alright" Alissa sat next to her. Talking to May was so easy, she was just one of those genuinely nice people that you loved having around. No wonder Peter is the way he is.
They had small talk for awhile and May asked her about school, her dad and the avengers and how her training was going. After a few mins, May said she had to start cooking and Alissa insisted on helping out, but May being the way she is, she refused to let her. Alissa decided to enter Peter's room since she had nothing else to do. She smiled as she saw his messy lego toys here and there, and a bunch of other gadgets. She walked over to his desk where it seemed like he had just been working on homework. She sat on his bed and smiled to herself.
Peter was such a comfort to her, even without his presence, his room felt so welcoming and nice. She started playing around with some toy she found before the door opened, and there he was. A dorky brown haired boy wearing a yellow hoodie.
"Hey, you're a little early" He carefully closed the door behind him. Alissa smiled and got up and walked towards him.
"Just missed you too much" she smiled and smoothly wrapped her hands around his waist and looked up.
"Oh yeah?" He smirked slightly. (That always drove her insane) He hugged her back and smiled.
"What? Am I not allowed to miss my boyfriend?" She said in a pouty manner. The words had slipped her mouth and she saw his cheeks getting red.
It was true, he was her boyfriend. He had officially asked her out just a week ago. But that phrase still felt new and awkward, thus Peter's cheek blushing. Alissa also felt embarrassed, looking to the ground, and let out a giggle. Peter chuckled too, why where they being so shy suddenly?
They both let go of their hug, and sat down on the bed.
"So how long is your dad letting you stay today" Peter asked. Because whilst being the daughter of a millionaire, she was still a teen and with an overprotective dad at that, so she did have a curfew at 7pm. Alissa smiled sneakily.
"Guess what"
"My dads out of town, and he doesn't technically know that I'm out of the house, so technically, I don't have a curfew for today..." She smiled looking at him with playful eyes.
"No way, you sure your dad won't find out? Cause he'll kill me I think" He said hurriedly.
She let out a chuckle.
"Nah, I told Thor about it tho and he let me go and let me stay the night too"



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