Chapter 11

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"Mr.Stark I have located where the hydra base is" all of them heard Jarvis through Tony's glasses and their eyes widened.

"Everybody suit up!" Tony quickly said and all of them went to get ready. Alissa didn't have a official suit since she wasn't an avenger. But she did have a suit that looked a lot like Natasha's. Peter caught up with Alissa when she was walking upstairs to their rooms.
"Hey, whatever happens. I'm here for you" He says and Alissa stops in mid way. Her heart filled with happiness as he said that. He stopped too, and Alissa pulled him into a quick hug. People could see them, but she didn't care.
"Thanks" She says as she let go and saw a smiling Peter.

Alissa put her suit on and she looked at herself in the mirror. She felt confident and ready. She put her hair into a ponytail and took a deep breath before she opened the door. She went downstairs to see everybody ready too.
"Remember. Stay close and stay sharp. And Liss, you look good" Natasha said before they sat in the car on their way to the destination.

"She is here?" Alissa asked in confusion, after they arrived. They were standing outside an old factory and it looked abandoned. The plan was just go in, and fight. Since they didn't know the avengers were coming, they should be unprepared. The building had a few windows and about four doors. They all surrounded the area and heard Tony through their Bluetooth ear.
"On my mark....NOW!"
They all busted the windows and doors open. Alissa surprised herself as she kicked a door down. Maybe I should become an avenger. She thought confidently and ran in through the door. The inside did not look like the outside. It was way more modern and looked a lot like a lab. She saw a few men in black suits getting surprised and picking up their guns, but it didn't take Tony long to shoot them. Then more men came from downstairs with high advanced guns.
"Okay, Cap, Nat, Sam and I Are going downstairs. Scott, Peter and Alissa, Stay here" they all heard Tony and Alissa thought it was a good idea. Scott, her and Peter were new to this and it was best if they fought with the men instead of Pepper herself.
"Alright kids. This shouldn't be too hard" Scott shouted as he turned himself to little and went inside a mans gun. A guy came towards Alissa and shot, she ducked and tried the moves Natasha taught her. She saw Peter do a flip and web a guy. Show off.
After a little while, it stopped coming more men from downstairs and they all fought the last three men.
"We make a good team" Peter said and jumped down from the roof.
"Lets go down and help the others. I don't think there are more to come here" Scott said and started heading to the stairs. Peter and Alissa followed but she stopped. She swear she heard something. Then all of sudden she felt someone hit her from behind. She turned and saw another guy.
"Have you been hiding? Guys, I can handle him. You go ahead" she shouted and she heard them go downstairs.
The guy had a gun, and Alissa did a move that Steve thought her. The gun fell down to the ground and she picked it up.
"Not strong now are you?" She said mocking him and shot him in the leg. He fell down and Alissa fixed her ponytail proudly. She was just about to go downstairs as she heard a voice. A very familiar voice.
"You are good. Could've shot him in the chest to kill him tho"
She turned around and saw ...her mother. She was standing there with causal clothes. Alissa quickly pointed the gun and made herself ready to fight.
"No need for that. I just wanna talk" she said and stepped over a guy laying on the ground.
"Well you missed the chance to have a daughter-mother bonding" Alissa said.

" definitely have the ego from your dad" Pepper laughed and stood a meter from her daughter. Alissa still had the gun loaded but it wasn't pointed directly to her anymore.
"If your up here, who are they fighting down there?"
"My experiments. You see, your father isn't the only scientist. I gave some of my men some..chemicals to make them stronger. One of them can even shoot fire. From their mouth! Isn't that amazing" she exclaimed.
"What do you want? What kind of sick person pretends to love somebody" Alissa could feel anger grow inside her.
"Pretend? See that's were your wrong. I did love him at some point. Yes I was born an hydra agent and my plan was to make him fall for me...

"But you fell for him..?" Alissa asked.
Pepper took a deep breath and continued.

"Yes. I loved him and he loved me. It was the first time I ever felt that I was appreciated. You know what it's like growing up the way I did?! I was trained to be a machine. When I realized that I loved him, I thought that I would forget about the plan. I knew my team would be angry but I didn't care. I risked everything for him. EVERYTHING! And then after one year of our relationship, he became more...distant. He was busy all the time and it made me angry. And then you came to the world. And he still was so busy all the time! He didn't have time for me anymore"

"So you decided to get back to your plan just because he was BUSY??" Alissa shouted angrily.

"When you were about six, I decided to get back to the original plan. But I couldn't kill him by myself, it was too hard. So I planned a lot of accidents and that bastard got away all the time! It went a whole year and he still wasn't dead. And then I faked my death and thought that it would be best to kill him later and then take you"

"Your wrong!! My dad loved you more than anything. After you 'died' he mourned for years. Your 'death' changed him forever" a tear slipped from Alissa's eyes as she screamed those words.

"From what I see it, he didn't have time for me! He didn't have time for YOU. I was the one who had to babysit you all the time. I was the one who raised you-

"YOU? My dad raised me better than you ever would have. When he was working, he was doing it for us! So that we could have a better future. And you BLAME him for that?? Besides, are you just planning to take me with you and I'm happily gonna come?"

"Well I don't care if you want to come. You have to" Pepper smiled an evil smile, before Alissa saw a gun come out of her pocket pointing at her. Alissa gun was pointing at her too.

"You know all my life, I saw daughters with their mothers and I was so jealous. I wanted to have shopping time with my mom, talk about boys! But I never got that. And that's YOUR fault" another tear slipped down her face as she felt her body fill with more anger. Both of their guns were still pointing at one and another.

It was silent for a few seconds, until she saw a web hit Peppers gun and it fell to the ground.
"Not to interrupt the daughter-mother session here" she heard Peters voice as he took the gun and threw it away.
"Is that stuff coming out of you?!" Pepper exclaimed before she picked out another gun.
"Pepper is here. I repeat, she is upstairs!" Alissa spoke to the Bluetooth.

You'd think that two 16 year olds would think that fighting a trained hydra agent would be hard, and it was but they made such a good team and they knew each other's next move without even talking. Suddenly all of the avengers came up and it was pretty much game over. Pepper wasn't strong enough to kill them all.
"I heard there was a guy that was shooting fire from his mouth down there" Alissa spoke to Sam.
"Yeah, I hate that guy. He almost ruined my suit!" Sam exclaimed and Alissa sillily rolled her eyes. Pepper was laying down on the ground with no weapons and they were all surrounded by her. Tony walked closer to her and a tear slipped from his eyes.

"To believe that I didn't even, for a split second think you'd turn out this way" he said.

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