Chapter 12

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"...I just think it was all too easy" Sam spoke and he looked like he was thinking deeply. They were all sat on the sofa back at the avengers facility. Pepper had gotten locked away and they were celebrating their victory.
"I agree. There's no way that it all just ended in one day?" Steve said and then sipped the last of his coffee.
"Maybe it was this easy? Not every mission has to be ultron you guys" Tony said, slightly annoyed. He walked over to the kitchen and placed his glass on the counter.
"I'm going to bed" he said and went upstairs, leaving all of them in silence. Alissa knew her father was upset, he just had locked away the mother of his child and they all still thought that this mission was easy.
"Not to be that. But we all know there's more coming. And we have to dig deeper. Wether tony agrees or not" Scott finally spoke, breaking the ice.
"But Mr.Stark is going to be so mad" Peter said with a slightly worried look. Alissa always admired his hard work, and the fact that he was always trying to prove himself for her father.
"Kid, sometimes you just have to do a bad thing if the results are good" Natasha said.
"So we're all agreeing to go behind my dad's back?" Alissa asked and there was silence for a few seconds, before all of them started nodding.
"Okay, whats the plan then?" Alissa sighed and asked.
She knew what they were doing was wrong. But sometimes her father let his emotions come before reality. And she knew that deep down, he himself knew it couldn't be this easy.
"Let's try find more information about Pepper and other hydra agents related to her. And tell if you find something" Steve came up with a simple plane, yet it was all they could do.
"Okay then" Sam said.
It was late, and all of them headed to bed. Alissa sighed and sat on her bed when she entered her room. It was all such a mess. She saw her bathroom door open and Peter walked in, and slouched next to her. Alissa looked at his face and analyzed every detail, and realized that this boy didn't have any flaws. He caught her looking and smiled, causing her to look down and she felt her cheeks blush.
"How do you feel about all of this?" He asked.

"It sucks having do it behind my dad's back but it's the right thing" she sighed and he nodded.
"Hey wanna see something cool?" He suddenly asked smiling.
"Yeah" She said and he pulled out his phone ha showed her a video. It was a video of him being Spiderman, for his YouTube channel. It was a really cool shot and it was well edited.
"Wow, That looks so cool!" She said and moved closer to him.

She didn't notice, but his heart was beating so fast when she moved closer. She was focused on the video but he was busy looking at her. He wanted to ask his question, the question he was gonna ask before Thor interrupted earlier. The question was if she wanted to be his girlfriend. He had finally built up enough courage, but he realized that right now wasn't a good time. She was going through a lot, and as much as the thought of her liking him back made him happier than ever, it just wasn't the right time

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