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The now smirking redhead tiled her head to face the boy.

"Afternoon, doggie lover."

"Shut up!"

His voice a little shaky, along with his hand, that was constantly doing that spinning pencil thingy.

"Fine, fine, but the one and only Gilbert Blythe not badass than usual?"

"What a surprise..."

She sarcastically raised her head from her book and turning a page.

"Whatever... let's get out of here."
He takes his pencil and plops it into his bag.

He wanted to clear the smell of depressing high school kids and old paint. One more than the other.

"Huh? WHAT? LEAVING DETENTION?! Also what kinda monster just throws their pencil into their bag without putting it into a pencil case?!?"

She was always a bit of a neat freak, she found that out when she was told that it wasn't normal to organize her book shelf, (base on the theme's).

"Come on, Mr.Phillips never checks up on us anyways, and also a the fact that your talking about packing stuff away means you want to go!"

The boy starts picking up his stuff.

She grumbles and starts putting 'The fault in our stars' by John Green in her bag.

"This better be good, I'm pausing the gorgeous Augustus Waters for you."

"I'm sure he's not that good looking.."
He mumbles as he puts one strap on.

"Better than you!"

She laughs as she shoves her science notebook in.
She never really did like science, it was one of those things you thought you weren't going to use in the real world.

"Says you!"

She rolled her eyes.


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