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1 Year Ago From Today

The redhead watched as the room around her laughed. She held herself a little lower.

Kept her palms into fist scrunched in her hoodie and kept her head a little lower as every step hurt her soul.

She saw a familiar face as she went towards the Raven haired girl.

"Diana, what's going on? Do you know why everyone is laughing?"

"Yes, in fact I do."

She pulled up her phone to Anne's face.

@Dianaqueenbarries A fake redhead slut Tags: #AvonelahighschoolLikes:67,980,340 Comment:879,09

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@Dianaqueenbarries A fake redhead slut
Tags: #Avonelahighschool
Likes:67,980,340 Comment:879,09

@Billy_A435 What a bitch 🤣
@Anonymous_Xanze67 Bro she's drunk af

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"Diana? Why would you do that? That was when we had a sleepover and you picked me up? You know that I didn't do anything?"

"I guess it's your take on it, later Anne."



The redhead turns around to the bright blonde girl.

"Huh, what do you mean Ruby?"

"Diana got expelled."


"For posts on social media, she tagged the school so I think that links the school to those images and comments."


She rested her head against her locker and sat down.

"It's ok Anne, I'm here for you."

"Thanks Ruby, but do you really think she's going to be gone from Avonela, she's been here for a long time, and plus her family is rich."

"Well she's expelled from this school year at least."

"I really hope she doesn't come back.."

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